Friday, August 1, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (August 1,2008) - The International Community's High Representative and EU Special Representative in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajčák, held a meeting in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo with Nebojša Radmanović, a member of the Bosnian State Presidency.

Lajčák and Radmanović discussed Bosnia’s progress in implementing the five objectives and two goals set by the Peace Implementation Council for the transition of the Office of the Internationa Community's High Representative in Bosnia (OHR) into the Office of the EU Special Representative (EUSR).

"Additional political effort is needed in order to find a solution for the state property issue,” Lajčák stressed during the meeting. He called on Bosnia's leaders to build on the principles for distribution defined last October by the Bosnian State Property Commission. In this respect, Lajčák noted that “the five objectives and the two conditions must be met in full for OHR-EUSR transition."

He also called for progress in fulfilling European Partnership requirements which “are crucial for progress on European integration and for improving the business environment”.

At the meeting Lajčák and Radmanović also agreed that a meeting of the leaders of the six political parties that make up the Bosnian government would help ensure that the country is ready to make progress in the autumn. Both expressed support for such a meeting to be held before the end of August.

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