Thursday, July 17, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (17 July,2008) - The “murky” business deals by Serbian fascist Milorad Dodik,the leader of the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia "RS", are being probed by the Bosnian State Information and Protection Agency (SIPA), Bosnian daily Oslobodjenje reports.In its report published today, Oslobodjenje quoted the Bosnian State Information and Protection Agency sources and documents.According to the newspaper, numerous “murky” activities of Serbian fascist Milorad Dodik and his "governments" – since 1998 – have drawn attention from SIPA.

The list of these activities includes the potential misuse of the donation of some 25million Euros, which was provided by the EU between 1998 and 2000 for the reconstruction of refugees’ homes.

According to the Oslobodjenje report, while some of these funds could have been diverted for the construction of infrastructure in Banja Luka and Dodik’s hometown of Laktasi – including the construction of a sports hall for the Igokea basketball team, whose director is Dodik.

According to the newspaper, SIPA is also interested in some of the recent privatisation deals arranged by Serbian fascist Milorad Dodik.

Oslobodjenje said that SIPA is looking into possible violations of public procurement and privatisation regulations, as well as in some parts of the arrangements which could have been illegal.

The local branch of the international anti-corruption watchdog organisation Transparency International has recently strongly criticised Serbian fascist Milorad Dodik’s business deals for possible misuse of funds or corruption. Yet soon afterwards, the organisation had to close its Banja Luka office for security concerns after it was targeted by what it said was “a smear campaign” by Dodik and media close to him.

In the past, various international officials have confirmed that the Bosnian state institutions have wanted to investigate Serbian fascist Milorad Dodik for potential corruption and misuse of office between 1998-2000, but any such attempts were blocked by the U.S. administration, which saw him as a key player against the then ruling against Serbian fascist party (SDS) in the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia "RS".

After retaking power in 2005, Serbian fascist Milorad Dodik and his SNSD Party have become much more radical in their public statements than the SDS.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (17 July,2008) - At the end of June, the FBIH entity government issued a formal privatisation tender for the state-owned Bosnian national carrier, BH Airlines. The deadline for submission of bids is July 30th.

The tender documents require that the prospective investor acquire a 49% share in the company, while the government would retain 51%. Croatian Airlines and Turkish Airlines, as well as airlines from Malaysia and Italy, have expressed interest in this partial acquisition. Media reports suggest Turkish Airlines has not yet submitted a formal letter of interest, however.

"An increase in the fleet, a strategic partnership and investments in modernisation are keys to continued development of" BH Airlines, Nudzeim Recica, the airline's CEO said. He pointed out that even much-larger carriers like Croatian Airlines currently operate at a loss.

Company officials say that during 2007, the company handled about 70,000 travelers, in comparison to 60,000 the year before, a 14.1% increase. It grossed 7.4m Euros, which is 9.5% more than in 2006. Still, it reportedly posted a 2007 loss of about 51,000 Euros.

The FBIH Entity Privatisation Agency considers the partial privatisation an exceptional bargain for investors, because BH Airlines is the only Bosnian air carrier that has the potential to open new routes and markets and increase its rider load significantly.

However, the airline's market share in Bosnia is only 15%.

On the other hand, skeptics consider the arrangement a "catastrophic" move for the FBIH entity government, which will have to keep patching airline losses with taxpayer money. They argue that selling off the company completely would be a better option.

As for post-privatisation plans, once the fleet increases, the carrier has announced its intention to introduce flights to London, Amsterdam and Scandinavian cities. It is also negotiating with Montenegro to introduce a Sarajevo-Podgorica flight.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (17 July,2008) - The World Bank’s Vice President for Europe Shigeo Katsu and SEE Regional Director Jane Armitage arrived in Bosnia yesterday, where they will stay until July 20.

They are scheduled to meet with the Bosnian government officials and representatives of business and scientific communities.

Aside for discussing the current situation in Bosnia, this will also be an opportunity to assess the implementation of the World Bank’s Country Partnership Strategy which was adopted six months ago. Katsu and Armitage will also check on the development of several projects in Bosnia supported by the World Bank.