Thursday, September 13, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – The Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic congratulated the beginning of Ramadan yesterday to the leader of the Bosnian Islamic Community Reisu-l-Ulema Mustafa Ef. Cerić.He also sent the words of congratulations to all Muslims in Bosnia and Diaspora.

"To you and all citizens of the Islamic religion in Bosnia and the Diaspora, I sincerely congratulate you the upcoming Ramadan month, wishing you to celebrate it dignifiedly, in peace and happiness, together with your relatives, neighbors and friends.

Bearing in mind that the members of the Bosnian Islamic Community invest in progress and wellbeing of our homeland, I wish, on occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, every good to you and all the citizens of the Islamic religion, so that you can continue to persevere in a diligent work for the wellbeing of your closest and our Bosnia," Komsic stated.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – Talks,between the experts of 8 main political parties in Bosnia,related to technical details of the latest police reform proposal made by the International Community's High Representative in Bosnia Miroslav Lajcak began yesterday in Sarajevo, at the OHR building.

The meeting was called after the parties had stated their opinions on the latest Lajcak’s proposal of the police reform. Jozef Pandur, Advisor to the High Representative, will be the mediator at the meeting. However, none of the participants addressed the press prior to the meeting.

Earlier this week,39 delegates of the FBIH Entity Parliament’s House of Representatives signed in Sarajevo a demand for the HoR’s emergency session which will focus on the Bosnian police reform.

The demand has been submitted to the HoR Speaker Safet Softic and the Protocol Office, Irfan Ajanovic, SDA Party delegate,told the press.

The session on police reform is to be held in 2 weeks.At least 20 signatures were needed to approve an emergency session.

Police reform is the last obstacle for Bosnia to initial the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union. Police reform is to be agreed by the end of September.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – The work of all Bosnian state institutions is characterised by uncontrolled spending of budget funds and other illegal activities concerning labour relations, President of the Bosnian Parliament’s Commission for Finance and Budget Sadik Bahtic said.

Information presented by him at a press conference organised by the non-governmental organisation GROZD are a result of an audit report prepared by the Commission after holding public hearings in the Bosnian Parliament. The hearings were initiated based on the final audit report of Bosnian state institutions.These public hearings have so far analysed 30 of 53 state institutions.

Bahtic said that the lack of a system of internal control in individual institutions represents the main problems and stressed that the Law on Public Purchases is being violated in most cases.

He also criticised the Bosnian State Television (BHT) anf the FBIH entity TV which are spending enormous amounts on the purchase of films and TV series well exceeding their true cost. The FBIH TV has a registered loss of 25 million Bosnian Marks, which is greater than the value of its property.

A number of other irregularities in the work of the Bosnian state institutions and agencies have also been discovered, including enormous telephone bills, spending on the maintenance of vehicles, trips and compensations.

All the reports the Commission prepares after completing the remaining public hearings will be forwarded to the Bosnian Parliament and the Bosnian Council of Ministers. They should then be forwarded to the Bosnian Prosecutor’s Office.

Bahtic said that he has little confidence in the work of the Prosecutor’s Office because none of the audit reports sent to that institution have given any results.

President of the FBiH Entity Parliament’s Board for Economic and Financial Police Omer Vatric said that this Board will request that elected official be brought to legal and moral-political responsibility.

Also,GROZD will launch an initiative for the adoption of the law on responsibility and the removal of the directors of certain agencies and other institutions over illegal activities.

A campaign of distributing 50.000 leaflets to the Bosnian citizens with information about how budget funds are being spent will also be launched in the coming days.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – Hearing was held at the Bosnian State Court’s Appellate Panel in the case of Dragan Covic and others. Dragan Covic, the former Bosnian Presidency member and the current President of the HDZ BiH Party was found guilty of abuse of office or official authority and was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. Others were acquitted.

In accordance with the procedure, the Appellate Panel’s decision will be passed and announced timely.

The procedure was initiated because of the alleged evasion of taxes in the management of the “Lijanovici” meat industry.

The first degree verdict acquitted the brothers Lijanovic, namely, Jozo, Jerko, Slavo and Mladen Ivankovic Lijanovic. They had been accused of organized crime, bribery and other forms of crime, as well as the misuse of authority in economy sector and forgery of documents and tax evasion.

The persons accused are also Mato Tadic, the former Bosnian Constitutional Court President and Zdravko Lucic, professor at the University of Sarajevo. They have been acquitted of charges for organized crime; Lucic has been acquitted of charges for abuse of authority.

Judge Davorin Jukic announced that the above verdict was appealed by the defense counsel for Dragan Covic and the Bosnian State Prosecutor’s Office.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – The Bosnian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Alkalaj had a meeting yesterday with the Russian Ambassador to Bosnia Konstantin Suvalov. The two officials talked about the political situation in Bosnia in the light of reform processes, especially in the light of the Bosnian police reform. They also talked about the relationship between Bosnia and Russia and the upcoming UN General Assembly session.

Alkalaj and suvalov agreed that the bilateral relationship between the two countries is advancing. They emphasized the success of the first session of the Bosnian and Russian Interstate Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation.

They also agreed that the regular meetings between the two countries’ ministries of foreign affairs have marked a positive turn in the advancement of the relationship between Bosnia and Russia. Those meetings were held in Moscow and in Sarajevo in early September.

The two officials also talked about the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly. Bosnian Foreign Minister Sven Alkalaj is to meet with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergej Lavrov.

Also,an agreement will be signed between the Bosnian government and the Russian government on travelling conditions.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – Serbian Minister of Justice Dusan Petrovic said yesterday that the case of Bosnian citizen Ilija Jurišić, won't be handed over to the Bosnian judiciary.

Ilija Jurišić is a Bosnian patriot who participated in defending the Bosnian city of Tuzla from the Serbian aggressor,during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggresion against Bosnia.Jurišić has been arrested by the Serbian aggressor and has been in a prison in Belgrade since 11 May 2007.

“The Serbian judiciary neither can nor will hand over this case to the Bosnian judiciary”, Petrovic told journalists.

He said that the Serbian judiciary did not violate international law by sending requests to the Bosnian citizens for testifying in this case. The requests were sent directly and not through the Bosnian judicial structures "in order to accelerate the entire procedure",he said.

“All this was done with best intentions in mind and in the interest of the accused. I am therefore surprised by harsh reactions coming from Sarajevo because there is no reason for that. I expect the court in Belgrade to deal with the entire matter in accordance with the law and in the shortest possible period of time”, Petrovic said.

Petrovic, however, acknowledged that “technical errors” were made in sending out subpoenas by using a form that is used in Serbia in similar situations, a form that includes a warning that those who fail to respond to it will face legal sanctions.

The Bosnian Minister of Justice Barisa Colak said last week that what Belgrade has done by sending subpoenas directly to the addresses of the Bosnian citizens is unacceptable and illegal.

“It is forbidden (to Serbia) to directly summon witnesses (in Bosnia). The subpoenas from Serbia contained sanctions in the event of a witness refusing to comply and take the stand, which could not have happened, even though these sanctions have no legal bearing in Bosnia,” Colak explained.

The Bosnian Minister of Justice Barisa Colak stated that the subpoenas should have been delivered through the Bosnian judicial institutions and in accordance with procedure for providing international legal aid.


BUDAPEST, Hungary (September 13,2007) – The Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric had a meeting in Budapest with the Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány. They talked about the intensification of cooperation between the two countries.

”Hungary is one of the countries we closely cooperate with. As far as economic cooperation is concerned, I can say we have made a significant progress”. Spiric said.

They also considered a possibility of opening charter flights between Mostar and Budapest during the tourist season. They talked about modalities of promotion of cooperation in the sectors of agriculture and tourism.

Spiric thanked for the assistance Hungary provided for Bosnia, especially for the presence of the Hungarian peacekeepers in Bosnia. He also emphasized hope that Hungary will facilitate the visa regime towards Bosnia.

Gyurscsany expressed hope that Bosnia will overcome difficulties in the reform processes and that the country will make a progress in the EU integration processes. He emphasized the significance of signing the SAA agreement, which is a precondition for association to the EU.

Spiric and Gyurcsány signed Agreement on Implementation of Frame Program for Financial Cooperation. Three projects are to be realized by the agreement: Tuzla Municipality Water Supply – 5.800.000 EUR; Tuzla Municipality Waste Waters Management - 8.500.000 EUR and Citluk Municipality Water and Waste Water Management - 1.500.000 EUR.

The Bosnian Prime Minister also had a meeting with the Hungarian President and the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) – Mayor of Sarajevo Semiha Borovac and President of the Sarajevo City Council Marin Ivanisevic attended the session of International Association of Peace Messenger Cities (IAPMC). The City of Sarajevo has been nominated a member of the Association’s Executive Board.

The candidacy of Sarajevo for the IAPMC General Assembly host in 2009 has been accepted.

The IAPMC assembly’s central topic was “New Threats to the World Peace”.

The Mayor of Sarajevo submitted the Report on the City of Sarajevo’s activities in the field of presenting solidarity and understanding between the people, opposing war and poverty and defending the human rights and liberties.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 13,2007) - Bosnia's hopes of qualifying for for the finals of Euro 2008 suffered a major setback with a home defeat by Moldova.

Igor Bugaev scored the only goal of the game midway through the first half and the visitors held on despite some heavy pressure from the Bosnian side in the closing minutes.

Bosnia, already reeling from a 1-0 loss in Hungary on Saturday, are now four points adrift of second place in Group C with only three games left.

Moldova had the first chance after nine minutes but Bugaev's shot lacked the power to beat Bosnian keeper Adnan Guso.

The visitors' enterprising approach in the early stages got the reward after 22 minutes when Bugaev put them in front.

Alexandru Gatcan provided the pass from the right flank and Bugaev took his chance well, slotting into the left-hand corner.

Moldova continued to press forward against Bosnia which looked completely off colour.

Guso saved Epureanu's long-range free-kick and only a brave block by home defender Safet Nadarevic denied Anatolie Doros' shot finding the back of the net after 35 minutes.

Bosnia finally registered an effort on goal four minutes before the break, Dragan Blatnjak's shot producing a fine save from Moldova keeper Nicolai Calancea.

Gatcan almost made it 2-0 before half-time while, at the other end, another smart save from Calancea kept out a Berberovic effort.

Bosnia came out with all guns blazing at the start of the second half but they were almost caught out with the sucker punch when, on a breakaway, Victor Comlenoc hit the post from six yards.

The chance came as a wake-up call to Bosnia, who twice came close to levelling.

First,Muslimovic drilled a shot over the bar and then Dzeko shot wide when he ought to have hit the target with 10 minutes to go.

The Bosnian fans were expecting a late onslaught at the Moldovan goal and it duly arrived.

Berberovic went close in the 90th minute but his shot rebounded off the post.

Calancea was in the right place to save Dzeko's header while deeper into injury-time.

And there was still time for Moldova hero Calancea to save another effort from Berberovic.

Moldova remain bottom but will hope to put that right against Turkey or Malta in October, when Bosnia face fellow contenders Greece and Norway.


Bosnia: Guso, Berberovic, Bajic, Nadarevic,Radeljic (Ibisevic 46), Rahimic, Maletic (Custovic 78),Zeba (Damjanovic 47), Blatnjak, Muslimovic, Dzeko.

Subs Not Used: Mujkic, Bozic, Bartolovic, Milosevic.

Booked: Guso.

Moldova: Calancea, Epureanu, Lascenov, Golovatenco, Rebeja,Comlenoc (Namasco 63), Corneencov, Gatcan (Josan 85), Bordian,Bugaev, Doros (Rogachiov 73).

Subs Not Used: Pascenco, Zmeu, Bulgaru.

Booked: Corneencov, Lascenov, Bugaev.

Goals: Bugaev 22. 0-1

Att: 4,000

Ref: Jouni Hyytia (Finland).