Thursday, September 4, 2008


ANKARA, Turkey (September 4,2008) - The Turkish President Abdullah Gul hosted a banquet yesterday in honor of the Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic and the members of the Bosnian State Presidency Zeljko Komsic and Nebojsa Radmanovic at Cankaya Presidential Palace in Turkish capital of Ankara.Turkish Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other officials attended the banquet.

Gul said Turkey and Turkish people always attached a special importance to developments in Bosnia and they would continue to do so.

Turkey attached a great importance to sovereignty of Bosnia.

"We think that a stable Bosnia-Herzegovina is also important in regard to security and stability of Europe," he said.

The Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic said he hoped that Bosnia and Turkey Turkey would become full members of the EU and he believed that both countries' membership would benefit the EU.

President Silajdzic said they were eager to boost bilateral relations with Turkey in every area.He said Bosnia considered Turkey a real friend, and urged trade between the two friendly countries to be improved.

"Bosnia is willing to see more Turkish investors in the country. Double taxation problem has been solved," the Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic added.

Addressing Turkey-Bosnia Business Council meeting in Istanbul organized by the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), President Silajdzic said Bosnia was the model of globalization which brings people together.

Commenting on situation in the Caucasus, President Silajdzic said extreme efforts should be exerted to normalize the situation.

An agreement was signed between Bosnia and Turkey to prevent double taxation, and the Bosnian State Presidency approved the agreement on July 28th, 2008.

The Turkish President Abdullah Gul was glad thatthe Bosnian President and the members of the Bosnian State Presidency have paid a visit to the Republic of Turkey and added that Turkish people and government respect united Bosnia with all its peoples and this is how they would like to see it in future. He expects that Bosnia will continue to be a democratic, peaceful and stable state that will provide safety for all its citizens. He added that Turkey strongly supports Bosnia's integration in the Euro-Atlantic community and stronger EU engagement in Bosnia.

President Gul emphasized the importance of Bosnia’s joining the Partnership for Peace, which resulted with intensified dialogue with the NATO, adding that Turkey strongly supports this model of development.

During the meeting both parties expressed satisfaction over good political relations between the two countries, which serves as a basis for better economic and trade cooperation. They also talked about cooperation in the area of energy, education and tourism.

Furthermore, it was stated that Turkey will continue to support Bosnia in the field of defense and security.

Bosnian state officials thanked for the support Turkey is providing to the country and invited President Gul to pay a visit to Bosnia.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 4,2008) - NATO troops have raided today the home of a Serbian living in Bosnia suspected of having close links to former commander of the genocidal paramilitary formations of the Serbians living in Bosnia (VRS),Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic,who is charged with Genocide by the the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

NATO troops entered the house of Petar Jesic in the town of Rogatica, 50km east of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, at dawn today and searched it for several hours, Derek Chappell, a NATO spokesman said.

"We have very strong evidence that he has been and continues to be an active member of the support network of Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic," Chappell said.

Jesic, who the spokesman said had very close connections with many leaders of the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's formations, was questioned along with his wife and mother-in-law.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has been seeking Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic, since the end of the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia.But,he is still hiding from justice.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 4,2008) - The Bosnian State Court confirmed yesterday the indictment against Serbian war crimianl Radomir Vukovic, which charges him with genocide.Serbian war criminal Radomir Vukovic (34), a former member of the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's formations, is currently held in custody in Bosnia, as per an order rendered on August 8 this year, when he was extradited from the genocidal Serbia to Bosnia.

The indictment states that, from July 10 to July 19, 1995,during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia, Serbian war criminal Radomir Vukovic participated in a joint criminal enterprise, with an aim of forcibly deporting about 40 thousand of Bosnian civilians from the UN protected zone in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica.

Besides that Serbian war criminal Radomir Vukovic participated in the mass murder of about 10 thousand Bosnian civilians.

The State Prosecution announced its intention to merge this indictment with the one against Serbian war criminal Zoran Tomic, who is charged with the murdering of some 1500 Bosnian civilians in the Bosnian village of Kravice in July 1995.

Serbian war criminal Radomir Vukovic is considered responsible for the mass murder of about 1500 Bosnian civilians in the Agricultural Cooperative in Kravice on July 13,1995. It is stated that he threw bombs at the Bosnian civilians, while other genocidal Serbian aggressor's soldiers were murdering them by shooting from machine guns and throwing bombs.

In July this year the Bosnian State Court rendered a first instance verdict, sentencing seven former members of the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's formations,who participated in this mass murder, to a total of 284 years' imprisonment for genocide.

Besides the mass murder in Kravice, Serbian war crimianl Radomir Vukovic is charged with participating in searching Bosnian villages in the Srebrenica area, forcing the residents to leave their houses and taking them to Potocari, although he knew that those Bosnian civilians would be permanently evicted from that area.

The indictment further states that Serbian war crimianl Radomir Vukovic ensured the passability of the road, which was taken by buses and trucks, forcibly transporting Bosnian women, children and the elderly to the territory controlled by the Bosnian Army.

It further states that, on July 13, 1995 he participated in "an operation, consisting of patrolling and attacking a column of Bosnian civilians in the area near the eastern Bosnian village of Kamenica, by shooting at it from tanks, anti-aircraft cannons and other types of infantry arms".

Besides the indictment, the Bosnian State Prosecution filed a motion, requesting the extension of custody for Serbian war criminal Radomir Vukovic, claiming that he might attempt to flee, influence witnesses, accomplices and absconders, as well as disturb public order and peace.

The Bosnian State Court will render its decision at a later stage.

Serbian war crimianl Radomir Vukovic is due to attend a plea hearing before the Bosnian State Court within the next 15 days.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 4,2008) - A Prosecution witness testified yesterday before the Bosnian State Court about the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's attack on the Bosnian village of Musici in 1992, when her neighbours were murdered.

Prosecution witness Anita Panjeta recalled having seen Serbian war criminal Rade Veselinovic, who was dressed in camouflage uniform, in May 1992. She said she had a black hat and a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a cross.

Panjeta saw the indictee after the attack on the Bosnian village of Musici, where she lived until May 20, 1992.

The Bosnian State Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Serbian war criminal Rade Veselinovic, as member of the genocidal paramilitary formations of the Serbians living in Bosnia (VRS) with having participated in the murder, forcible resettlement, capture, detention, torture and causing of sufferings and injuries to the Bosnian civilians in Hadzici municipality.

Panjeta told the Bosnian State Court that the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's forces attacked Musici village, adding that, on the day when the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's soldiers entered this Bosnian village, she saw dead bodies of three Bosnian civilians, who were murdered in a garage in which they had been hiding.

"Ismet Music's father, brother and uncle were in the garage when the shooting started. After the shooting ceased, Serbian soldiers dragged their bodies out of the garage. Their wounds were bleeding. I took their watches and jewelry, and I covered the bodies with a blanket," Panjeta said, adding that other people told her that these men were killed by a bomb, which had been thrown into the garage.

Panjeta said she handed over the wristwatches and jewelry to the Music family.

After that the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's soldiers took all Musici residents to that garage. They separated them, taking some of them to the sports hall and others to some garages in Hadzici. The witness recalled having seen Serbian war criminal Rade Veselinovic on that day.

Serbian war criminal Rade Veselinovic

Witness Panjeta stayed in Musici, together with her mother, son and a few neighbours, until the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor set their houses to fire.

"Dragan Pusara and a few other soldiers came to the house of my neighbour Zumra, telling her to go out of the house, as they were going to burn it down, as a revenge for the death of his brother," the witness said, adding that they stayed in Musici for the next few days before leaving to Breza. She said that they returned shortly after that, adding that they lived, until early August 1992 in the only house in the village which had not been burnt down.

A short time after she left the village and went to a nearby village, where she lived with her family. She claims to have seen Serbian war criminal Rade Veselinovic in that village, when he came there and questioned her about the weapons in Musici.

In February 1993 witness Anita Panjeta moved to the territory controlled by the Bosnian Army.

The trial of Serbian war criminal Rade Veselinovic is due to continue before the Bosnian State Court on September 17.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 4,2008) - A wiser more experienced Spain, under new coach Vicente del Bosque, will be keen to show it has learned from past mistakes when they host Bosnia for their opening 2010 World Cup qualifier in Murcia,Spain,on Saturday,Septemeber 6.

Former coach Luis Aragones won plaudits at home and abroad after leading Spain to victory at Euro 2008 in June, their first major title in 44 years.

But the road to Austria and Switzerland was a rocky one after they made a slow start, losing two of their first three qualifiers, which left the side under pressure to make up lost ground and heavily criticised in the local media.

"The last campaign will serve as a good experience for the games we have coming up," midfielder Marcos Senna said.

"This time round we will be different from the start. We want to give our all and forget all about Euro 2008 which was great, but is in the past now. We have to focus on the present."

Since replacing Aragones, Del Bosque has preached a message of continuity. He approaches his first competitive match at the helm with last month's 3-0 friendly victory over Denmark under his belt.

Injury has deprived him of striker Fernando Torres, who scored the winner in the Euro 2008 final against Germany, and in-form midfielder David Silva.

He has only called up Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic as a replacement, but the 18-year-old may have to wait to make his senior side debut, with Euro 2008 top scorer David Villa set to start as a lone striker against Bosnia in a 4-1-4-1 formation.

Sevilla's tricky winger Diego Capel could make the starting line-up, after debuting against Denmark -- the only major change from the Aragones era.

Spain have never won against Bosnia but only took two points off them in qualifying for the 2006 World Cup, drawing 1-1 home and away.

The Bosnian national football team coach Miroslav Blazevic is without injured captain and defender Emir Spahic, but is not overawed by the challenge.

"Regardless of the fact we are playing the European champions, I am sure we can achieve something against them. I am pleased with the determination shown by my players," he said.

The other sides in Group 5 are Armenia, Belgium, Estonia, and Turkey.

Probable teams:

Bosnia: Kenan Hasagic; Dzemal Berberovic, Ivan Radeljic, Safet Nadarevic, Dario Damjanovic, Sejad Salihovic; Zvjezdan Misimovic, Elvir Rahimic, Amir Vladavic, Samir Muratovic, Edin Dzeko.

Spain: Iker Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Carles Puyol, Raul Albiol, Joan Capdevila; Santi Cazorla, Xavi, Marcos Senna or Xabi Alonso, Andres Iniesta, Diego Capel; David Villa


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 4,2008) - The Bosnian Farmers’ Association has announced that today will be the third time that the Bosnian State Parliamnt's House of Representatives is expected to vote on the law regulating protective measures for domestic producers in agriculture.

On two previous occasions, the MPs declined to protect them.The farmers claim that the lack of such protection has caused the deficit in food trade to grow in the first seven months of 2008.