Monday, December 31, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 31,2007) - The International Community's High Representative and EU Special Representative in Bosnia Miroslav Lajcak sent yesterday the following New Year's message to the Bosnian citizens:

"Bosnia enters the year 2008 with a certain perspective. This time last year, not much could be foreseen, and, indeed, it was marked with a difficult atmosphere and attempts to postpone essential issues.

Facing up to the fundamental problems of this country was not pleasant at all, not least seeing citizens in panic, wondering rightly whether bad times could happen again.

Fortunately, at the very end of the year when the tensions subsided, common sense prevailed. Thanks to that, we were able to remove the obstacles which had been slowing down the development path of this country for years. Therefore, I believe that 2008 can be the year in which the citizens and peoples of Bosnia could start enjoying the fruits of further integration into the union of European states. When the ice was broken at the end of the year and the Stabilization and Association Agreement was initialed, many were relieved. And political leaders realized that it was only by agreement that they could lead this country forward.

The priority in 2008 is surely signing the Agreement, and further progress towards the European Union. But before that, as of 1st January many citizens will be able to obtain visas for EU countries more easily. It is important to continue at this pace, meet the remaining conditions and there will be fewer and fewer reasons for dissatisfaction. Of course, one should always remember that one can go faster, stronger, higher than before - just like the Olympic slogan dear to you all says – and it will echo in the forthcoming Olympic year, too.

So, we all will have to roll up our sleeves at the very beginning as the promises made during talks in Mostar, Sarajevo and Banja Luka need to be met. This will not be easy at all, because Bosnia is a complex country. However, knowing that tolerance has adorned the Bosnian society for centuries, all it takes is to turn it into reality in a creative and cool-headed way. I expect, therefore, that the spirit of tolerance, appreciation and understanding will also adorn the period before us, when we need to open, among others, the constitutional talks about creating a better and more efficient state, based on the principles of human rights and a modern democratic order.

It is this kind of spirit in which the recent agreements have be struck, and I expect a permanent dialogue to be established between decision-makers so that the country does not stay behind with reforms. The leaders promised this to you and they can do it in 2008. I am at their disposal to help them and expect you to exert the civic, decisive pressure when it comes to key progress.

Together, we can lead this country to where it belongs – a community of civilized, European and prosperous societies.

I wish you a happy and successful New Year."


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 31,2007) - As during New Years’ celebrations the usage of explosive devices and pyrotechnic tend to increase, the Bosnian Law Enforcement Agencies appeal on citizens to respect the provisions laid down by law about selling and using of such devices in public places.

The police units are also warning that careless and incompetent explosive device and pyrotechnic usage can cause serious body injuries, beside the fact, that the usage of such dangerous materials without proper request from authority bodies can also have legal consequences.

“According to the law, the fine for using, selling or offering different kinds of explosive devices amounts from 300 to 900 Bosnian Marks, while the sentence for failing to fulfil the obligation in taking care of underage children costs 400 to 1.200 Bosnian Marks”, stated the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Interior.

Firecrackers detonation causes up to 120 decibel laud bluster, which can cause permanent hearing damage. If a device explodes on a distance shorter than one meter, it can also cause burnings.

The police officers in whole country are undertaking several measures and activities in order to prevent health damaging and legal consequences for the citizens by:

- Intensifying the supervision of public places where huge gatherings are going to be organised, such as schools, market places etc.

- Staring common preventing actions with educational institution representatives

- Issuing restricting orders or requirements for initialling the violation procedure against persons who are using or selling explosive devices.

The activities will last from December 2007 until the end of January 2008. The Police Agencies will inform the Bosnian public about its results beforehand.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 31,2007) — German football legend Lothar Matthaus is among the candidates for the new Bosnian national fotball team coach, the Bosnian Football Association announced.

Apart from the German World Cup-winning captain the association is talking with two more candidates - former Croatia coach Zlatko Kranjcar and former Bosnian football star Meho Kodro - a spokeswoman said.

The new coach of the Bosnian national fotball team will be announced on January 5, spokeswoman Slavica Pecikoza said.The new coach is to replace Fuad Muzurovic who had been sacked on December 17 after Bosnia failed to qualify for Euro 2008.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 31,2007) – The Bosnian State Parliament's House of Representatives adopted in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo Resolution on Fight against family violence, proposed by delegate Vinko Zoric.

The Parliament urged the Bosnian state institutions and NGOs to adopt legal and calculus measures and plans aimed to stop the family violence.

Delegates also approved ratification of several international agreements, contracts and conventions


BANJA LUKA, Bosnia (December 31,2007) – A member of the Bosnian Presidency Nebojsa Radmanovic expects Bosnia to sign the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union in the first four months of 2008.

”If that does not happen, that allegations that there is a number of powerful people in the EU who do not want to see Bosnia in the Union would prove to be true. It is not possible to have a country with authorities on an emperor in Europe, which is based on agreement, consensus and understanding”, Radmanovic said and added that he expects the police reform will be completed in the first two months of 2008.

Radmanovic, commenting police reform in Bosnia, stated that “it is completely unnecessary and imposed".

“I am of the opinion that political leaders who have significantly influenced creation of a positive atmosphere in late 2007, reached the key agreement aimed to complete the police reform and free us all in Bosnia, as well as the European Commission of the imposed attitude that the reform is of key importance for European integrations”, Radmanovic stated at a press conference in the northern Bosnian city of Banja Luka.

He added that the following year will be marked by local elections which are very important for Bosnia and the region.

He again emphasized the Bosnian Presidency’s attitude that Kosovo is an internal issue of Bosnia's neighbouring country and that it is extremely important for the situation in the region that an agreement is reached between Belgrade and Pristina, with the help of the International Community, without any imposed solutions.

He added that this is the only attitude unanimously agreed upon by all members of the Bosnian Presidency.

However,the Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic stated that if Kosovo is proclaimed independent, Bosnia will act the same as the other EU countries. Radmanovic reacted as saying that it is a personal opinion of President Komsic, which cannot be implemented in Bosnia, for majority of votes will lack.

He added that it is a matter of dispute if the EU countries will react unanimously in the case of proclamation of independence of Kosovo.

Radmanovic is of the opinion that this year was highly successful for Bosnia, especially in the sector of economy.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 31,2007) – Prof. Dr Ilijas Tanovic, Head of Russian Department at Sarajevo University’s Faculty of Philosophy, received in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo the Pushkin Medallion award for contribution to spreading of Russian language and literature and development of international relations between Russia and Bosnia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the award to be presented to Tanovic.

The Sarajevo University Rector Prof. Dr. Faruk Caklovica, Faculty of Philosophy Dean Srebren Dizdar, Russian Ambassador to Bosnia Konstantin Suvalov and numerous academicians, senators, deans, professors and students of the University of Sarajevo attended.

Rector Caklovica thanked in his address Professor Ilijas Tanovic and emphasized the importance of development of cultural and scientific cooperation between Bosnia and Russia.

About 60 scientific and expert works characterize the engagement of Professor Tanovic. All of the works have been published at the domestic and foreign magazines. He is also the author of several important books, some of them including the “Bosnian Language Phraseology” and “Negative Influence of Foreign Languages on Mothers Tongue”.

He also has written two dictionaries and 17 school books of Russian, which is an extraordinary enterprise.

Ambassador Suvalov emphasized the importance of Tanovic’s scientific engagement in Sarajevo which paved way to possibilities of transferring of knowledge on Russian language and literature between the students. He added that Tanovic can be considered a part of the Bosnian national treasure.

He added that Russian is spoken today by about 500 million people worldwide and that it is language one of the UN’s official languages.

Tanovic emphasized that the award is dedicated to all members of Department of Slavistics at the Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy, especially to the students and the ones who “have already succeeded in beating their professor in achievements”.