Tuesday, April 22, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 22,2008) – The 4th International Fair of Slavic Librarians opened yesterday in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo under the title “Librarian paths: The Next Generation”. It closes on April 24.

This four day gathering held every year within International Book Fair has a purpose of experience exchange between Bosnian and foreign librarians. About 70 librarians shall participate, mainly from Bosnia, Slovenia, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.

Organization board member and American historian Robert Donia opened the event stating that efforts of librarians surpass all limits with the belief that answers to all challenges must dealt with internationally.

He expects from this year’s event to result with better knowledge and development in human informal relations based on mutual interests. The goal is better understanding of mutual problems and finding adequate solutions.

The event shall be held in sessions in which participants will present their works, pointing out on the existing problems and obstacles.

It was planned for participants to visit the Bosnian Jewish Museum, the Zenica City Museum and the town of Vranduk and to participate at the opening of 20th International Book Fair on April 23 in Sarajevo.

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