Tuesday, April 22, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 22,2008) – Following the testimony of the indictees, the Bosnian State Prosecutor in his final statement has asked yesterday for long-term imprisonment of Serbian war criminals Milos Radic and Mirko Todorovic.

Serbian war criminal Milos Radic, accused of shooting 14 Bosnian civilians in Borkovac, Bratunac municipality, claims that he was forced to watch the mass-murder of these Bosnian civilians in May 1992.

The presenting of evidence against Serbian war criminals Milos Radic and Mirko Todorovi was concluded by Radic's account and the Prosecution has called for the Bosnian State Court to convict them.

Serbian war criminals Milos Radic and Mirko Todorovic are charged with participating in the detention and shooting of 14 Bosnian civilians in Borkovac on May 20, 1992,in the early stages of the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia. Eight Bosnian civilians were murdered by the genocidal Serbian aggressor and the rest of them survived and some gave their testimony at the Bosnian State Court during this trial.

Witnesses who survived claimed that they were taken to the shooting by Serbian war criminal Milos Radic,who stated that he was forced and taken by unknown soldiers to participate in the shooting.

Adnan Gulamovic, the Bosnian State Prosecutor presenting his final statement, pointed out that they had presented enough evidence for the Court Chamber to convict Serbian war criminals Mirko Todorovic and Milos Radic.

“On May 20 1992 the indictees acted in the group with other four Serbian soldiers and each of them has played by its own rule. They know that detention and taking away have only one aim – the liquidation of detained Bosnians," Gulamovic stated, adding that the indictees “provided no help to civilians, they even participated in those acts.”

The Bosnian State Prosecutor also said that the claim given by the Defence team that the genocidal Serbian aggressor's soldiers had forced the indictees to be there is irrelevant considering the testimony given by Serbian war criminal Milos Todorovic.

“They didn’t make an effective move to try to save those people, they did not state they were specifically against doing that, nor did they move from the shooting place. For all that time they cooperated with Serbian soldiers, and that was what they wanted because they were sharing the common aims," the Bosnian State Prosecutor said.

At the end, he proposed that the Bosnian State Court proclaim them guilty, considering that there is no mitigating circumstances, while there is “whole chain” of aggravating ones, like the number of victims, the circumstances under which they were killed, as well as the consequences this event left on their families.

The Bosnian State Prosecutor believes that a long-term prison punishment will provide “spiritual peace for the victims.”

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