Tuesday, April 22, 2008


VIENNA, Austria (April 22,2008) – Exhibitions “Sarajevo 1878 – 1918” and “Contemporary Bosnian Art – Remake” were presented yesterday in the Austrian capital Vienna at the “Palffy” palace. ”

”Today, Sarajevo begins its guest visit to Vienna by the return cultural event “Sarajevo in Vienna”. A year ago, Vienna prepared for Sarajevo a unique cultural and artistic event. Vienna in Sarajevo Manifestation was seen as a recognition and an expression of will that such a big and prominent city such is Vienna wants Sarajevo as its institutional partner. We are happy about that and it makes us proud. It also obliges us to strengthen our partner relationship”, Predrag Mitrovic, Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo said at opening of the exhibition at the Palffy Palace.

He emphasized that citizens of Vienna will be able to, starting today until May 4, attend a series of cultural events City of Sarajevo has prepared.

He called the citizens of Vienna to visit the events as much as they can, prepared as a part of the Sarajevo in Vienna cultural event.

Mayor of Sarajevo Semiha Borovac attended the opening and she welcomed the guests present. She also called all the guests present to visit all the cultural events.

The “Sarajevo 1878 – 1918” exhibition is a replica of an old museum exhibit in Sarajevo. It presents the period of Austro-Hungary with all the changes this monarchy had brought about into the City of Sarajevo.

The contemporary art exhibition is a collection of works by Sarajevo artists which treats the phenomenon of the use of different materials which are not commonly use din art. That is one of the most legitimate precedents in the modern art.

Exhibitions will be open until May 4.

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