Tuesday, March 11, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 11,2008) – The President of the Bosnian Presidency and the SBIH Party President Haris Silajdzic stated in Brcko that his party’s priority is Bosnia’s association to the EU. He added that he will never give up the police reform amendments that are based on the Mostar Declaration.

'”I will not accept the existence of entity police, especially the existence of the RS Police, for it is completely clear that that institution has been convicted of the crime of genocide at the ICJ, February 26 2007. I cannot accept that as a human being”, he said.

Commenting the constitutional changes, he stated that the
SBiH’s attitude remains unchanged. That means that Bosnia needs to be consisted of economic, not ethnic regions.

”That is not a new story. We used to have small municipalities, formed on the economic criteria. We are of the opinion that five regions are needed, even more. However, we oppose the existence of the three regions, for it means division and creation of the new entities”, President Silajdzic said.

During a meeting with the Mayor of Brcko Ante Domic, President Silajdzic supported the construction of the Orasje-Tuzla highway and the construction of a new bridge Brcko – Gunja, which is a joint project realized by Bosnia and Croatia.

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