Thursday, February 14, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (February 14,2008) – At the protest yesterday in front of the Sarajevo Canton Government and Assembly building, the citizens, including many young people, threw stones, eggs, torches, plastic bottles and other objects on the building. Some windows are reported to be broken.

About 2.000 citizens assembled sometimes before noon yesterday in front of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly and Government.A police officer and a worker have sustained minor injuries while protecting the Sarajevo Canton Government during the citizens’ protest.

Over half an hour after the beginning of the protest, none of the city authorities addressed the citizens. Nobody even addressed the people on behalf of the protest organizers. A large number of media representatives as well as the increased number of police forces are in front of the building.

This protest was organized in a reaction to the increase of number of juvenile violence cases, resulting in death, especially in Sarajevo.

The DOSTA movement invited the citizens to join the protest and to ask for irrevocable resignation of Semiha Borovac, Mayor of Sarajevo and Samir Silajdzic, Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister, for, as stated, they acted inertly in the situation.

A larger protest took place in Sarajevo last Saturday, also in a reaction to the increased number of juvenile violence cases.

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