Thursday, February 14, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (February 14,2008) - The Croatian Foreign Affairs and European Integrations Minister Gordan Jandrokovic is in a three day visit to Bosnia.

The Bosnian Foreign Affairs Minister Sven Alkalaj and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations of Croatia Gordan Jandrokovic had a meeting yesterday in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, focusing on the topics that are of mutual interest for both the countries, touching upon some of the open issues between the two countries. The two officials emphasized that those open issues are to be solved one step at the time.

Jandrokovic’s visit to Bosnia followed after the new Croatian government was formed, which shows, as Alkalaj stated, that Croatia is interested in developing relations with Bosnia.

Alkalaj stated that the meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss bilateral relations, multilateral issues, cooperation in the regional institutions and other points of interest.

The Bosnian Minister of Foreign Affairs characterized relations between the two countries as very good, but added that they can always be improved. There are certain issues burdening the tow countries’ relations; Alkalaj announced a dialogue to solve them.

The Croatian Foreign Affairs Minister Gordan Jandrokovic said that he and Alkalaj discussed all the topics concerning bilateral relations and added that there are “certain issues which oblige us to solve them”.

Croatia has advanced further in the European integrations processes than Bosnia, but is willing to help BiH with the experience. In that context, Jandrokovic announced that a meeting will be held between the Bosnian and Croatian foreign affairs ministers for the purpose of sharing the experience in the process of negotiations with the EU.

Jandrokovic stated that economic cooperation between the two countries is good and that Croatia is satisfied with the investments in Bosnia. He called the Bosnian entrepreneurs to invest in both the countries and emphasized that the CEFTA agreement offers additional possibilities of investments and trade.

Commenting the open issues between the two countries, Jandrokovic emphasized that it is no shame that there are certain open issues between the two countries, but that it is a shame if those issues are not solved in a civilized spirit.

”I am certain that after today’s meeting both the sides are willing to find a solution that very way”, Jandrokovic said.

The two ministers announced that the issues will be discussed at the session of Cooepration Council which will be held this year in Bosnia.

Answering the question what will the two countries’ officials’ reaction will be after the Kosovo independence proclamation, Alkalaj stated first that Bosnia’s attitude is to accept the solution agreed upon.

Since the day of the Kosovo independence declaration is approaching, Alkalaj said that Bosnia will not state the opinion on the issue and that none of the countries has not, so far, asked Bosnia to recognize Kosovo.

Alkalaj said that Bosnia will probably be the last one to recognize Kosovo.

Jandrokovic stated that Croatia is interested in peace and stability in the region and will follow the EU regarding Kosovo's independence, for it is an EU membership candidate.

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