Friday, October 5, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 5,2007) - Brigadier Friedhelm Tranapp took the command over German troops in the European Union forces in Bosnia (EUFOR). The previous commander was Brigadier Rudolf Giegeling.

The official ceremony which also marked the transfer of 8th to 9th contingent occurred at the Rajlovac camp on the German Unification Day, celebrated as a national holiday on October 3. It symbolizes the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

German Ambassador to Bosnia greeted the participants of the ceremony and emphasized the importance of the EUFOR mission to Bosnia.

”This country has not arrived yet to the place we want it to be”, Ambassador Schmunk said.

The German Ambassador expressed readiness of his country to continue to support Bosnia and emphasized the progress achieved after the unification of Germany. He said it has been a successful period of development in which his country managed to become an equal partner at the European Union of states.

Brigadier Giegeling stated that the German soldiers have been participating at the international missions for over 15 years and that the stability achieved in Bosnia has resulted in a significant decrease of the number of troops, in accordance with the new operative military concept entitled the Minimum Military Presence.

He said that the 9th contingent is to finish the activities of Bunderwehr military equipment retreat and that the Rajlovac base could be brought back to the jurisdiction of Bosnia and its Armed Forces.

The 8th contingent received the words of congratulations by the Head of the Operative Troops in Bosnia, Colonel General Karlheinz Viereck, who awarded the previous commander Brigadier Giegeling.

The highest EUFOR officials and representatives of the International Community as well as the members of Bosnian diplomatic chorus attended the ceremony.

Commander of the 9th contingent Brigadier Friedhelm Tranapp was born in 1963 in Sterbur (Esen) and served as a personal officer at the Bundeswehr Headquarters and Head of the Operation Command of German Army’s Air Force.

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