Friday, October 5, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 5,2007) – The EU Commissioner for Science and Research Work Janez Potočnik arrived yesterday in a two-day visit to Bosnia.

Potočnik will meet with Bosnian officials to discuss the EU perspective of Bosnia and cooperation between Bosnia and the EU in the fields of science and scientific research.

The meeting with representatives of the academic and scientific community, universities, research centres, industry and small and medium companies will discuss cooperation between the EU and Bosnia in scientific research, especially research as a tool of integration, forms of transferring knowledge, accession of Bosnia to Framework Program 7 (FP7) and the role the academic community and other relevant participants in that process can play.

FP7 is the chief instrument through which the EU provides funds for scientific research and development activities in almost all fields of science.

FP7 has a budget of more than 50.5 billion Euros for 2007-2013.

Accession to FP7 will allow Bosnia to get funds for financing scientific research cooperation at the EU level and to initiate mobility of Bosnian researchers to EU countries.

This will strengthen the capacities of Bosnia in the field of scientific research and open the possibility of cooperation with the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission research organisation, which has specific programs for supporting EU enlargement.

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