Friday, October 5, 2007


MAGDEBURG, Germany (October 5,2007) – On the occasion of marking the 30th anniversary of town-twinning between Sarajevo (the Bosnian capital) and Magdeburg (Germany), the Mayor of Sarajevo Semiha Borovac and representatives of the City Council are in a visit to this German town, and are guests to the Mayor of Magdeburg Lutz Trűmper.

The City of Sarajevo representatives have attended in the past two days numerous manifestations organized to mark the town twinning anniversary and to celebrate the German Unification Holiday.

Trűmper welcomed the Mayor of Sarajevo and had a meeting with her. The two officials exchanged opinions on the past cooperation and talked about the intensification of the future cooperation between the two cities.

At the “Otto Von Guericke” hall at the City Council, Mayor Borovac addressed the Mayor and Magdeburg city officials.

Borovac stated that Sarajevo and Bosnia want to become a part of the EU as soon as possible and that support of the cities and friends like Magdeburg is needed.

”We want to build a better future in Europe, together with other European cities”, Borovac said.

Mayor Trűmper emphasized that Magdeburg recognizes the place and the role of the City of Sarajevo in the EU. He added that Magdeburg will fully support Bosnia in the process.

Mayor again thanked the City of Magdeburg for all the help they provided for the citizens of Sarajevo during and after the 1992-1995 Serbian,Montenegrin and Croatian aggressions against Bosnia.

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