Thursday, October 4, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 4,2007) - A former soldier of the Bosnian Army,Sefik Alic, charged before the Bosnian State Court with killings of four captured Serbian aggressor's soldiers in 1995, is no longer being held in custody.

Acting on a Defence motion, the Bosnian State Court has rendered a decision terminating custody of Sefik Alic. In addition, the Bosnian State Court has imposed certain measures, including a "ban on attending social gatherings on the territories of Buzim and Bosanska Krupa municipalities" and a "ban on meeting with witnesses mentioned in the indictment".

Alic has been held in custody since 2 November 2006, when he was arrested, as per a warrant issued by the Bosnian State Court, in his house in Buzim.

The former assistant commander of "Hamze" Battalion with the 505th Buzim Brigade of the Fifth Corps of the Bosnian Army is charged with having participated, on 5 August 1995, in the "Oluja" military operation when four members of the genocidal Serbian aggressor's formations were captured by the Bosnian Army and killed.

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