Thursday, October 4, 2007


VIENNA, Austria (October 4,2007) - The Bosnian Foreign Affairs Ministry said yesterday that one of the two Bosnians arrested in Austria in an alleged plot to bomb the U.S. Embassy in Austria has been released,and the other is transferred to the prison hospital for psychiatric treatment.

The other suspect had been released, the Bosnian Foreign Affairs Ministry said.Austrian authorities have informed the Bosnian Embassy in Vienna that both men were Bosnian citizens and that the act had no political motivation, the spokesman for the Bosnian Foreign Ministry, Fahrudin Dosljak said.

Asim C., a 42-year-old unemployed Bosnian man, was arrested Monday after his backpack,which carried grenades, plastic explosives and bits of metal — set off a detector at the embassy entrance. He fled on foot, but was captured nearby after tossing the backpack into the street.No one was injured.

Austrian investigators said the man had received psychiatric care over the past few years and that he might be treated while awaiting trial.

A second suspect was arrested Monday night and identified as Mehmed D., 34. Asim C. told police that Mehmed D. had instructed him to bring the backpack to the embassy, and he gave investigators Mehmed's name and address. But during questioning, Mehmed D. denied any involvement.

Their last names were not released under Austrian privacy laws.

"Of the two detained, one was released after he was questioned and the other was transferred to the hospital, since he is a person with psychological problems," Dosljak said.

This information was given to the Bosnian Ambassador to Austria, Darija Krsticevic, by Austrian authorities, who also informed her that "the act has no political background." No detonator was found in the backpack and that a detonation was not possible, Dosljak said.

Austrian police said they found about a pound of explosives during a search of Asim C.'s home.

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