Thursday, October 4, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 4,2007) – The Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic met on in Sarajevo with the German Minister for Europe and member of the German Bundestag Günter Gloser. The two officials exchanged attitudes and opinions on the current political situation in Bosnia and region, as well as on Bosnia's reform processes.

Komsic and Gloser concluded that the bilateral relations between Bosnia and Germany are exceptional and that the economic and cultural cooperation should be further developed.

Members of the German delegation were especially interested in the current political events in Bosnia. They were also interested to hear about the halts in Bosnian police reform process.

Gloser emphasized that he has been carefully monitoring the events in Bosnia and in the entire region.

Komsic said that police reform is key to signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between Bosnia and the European Union (SAA).The officials also talked about the regional issues and relationship between Bosnia and other countries of the region.

Answering the question on Bosnia’s attitude related to the Kosovo issue, Komsic said: “We in Bosnia primarily need to take care of our own issues. Kosovo is the issue of the International Community and an issue of Belgrade and Pristina”.

”If an agreement cannot be reached, the best alternative would be a UN SC’s unique stance regarding the attitude. If any unilateral action is taken, Bosnia will side the attitudes of the EU and NATO. As far as the relations in the region are concerned, they should be built on the basis of mutual trust and all the issues should be solved for the benefit of prosperity of the entire region”, the Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic said.

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