Friday, September 14, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 14,2007) – The Trebevic mountain, once the most popular outing spot for the citizens of Sarajevo, will be completely cleared of mines by the autumn 2008.

1 million and 139 thousand square meters of the mountain were covered with mines. The remaining 179.000 square meters will be cleared in 2008. Additional 400.000 Bosnian Marks are needed for that project.

Agreement on Co-Financing the Mine Disposal Action on the Trebevic Mountain was signed by Mayor of Sarajevo Semiha Borovac and Mayor of the Old Town Municipality Mustafa Resic.

The City of Sarajevo and the Old Town municipality have provided 100.000 Bosnian Marks each for realization of this project.

39 projects of mine disposal actions on the mountain have been agreed so far; 25 of them have been implemented by the end of 2006. Additional 8 localities on the mountain are being cleared off mines. Additional six projects are to be implemented during 2008.

In this way, the mountain will be mine-free. Citizens of Sarajevo will again be able to enjoy their outings, Borovac and Resic stated after the signing ceremony.

Apart form the Old Town municipality and the City of Sarajevo, Norwegian People’s Aid and the US government have invested the biggest amounts of money for the implementation of mine disposal projects on the mountain.

The City of Sarajevo also signed an agreement with the GRAS company which obliges the Sarajevo administrative organs to develop projects for the cableway reconstruction.

The City of Sarajevo will provide 500.000 Bosnian Marks for this project. Numerous donors are expected to participate as well.

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