Friday, September 14, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 14,2007) - There is money, but it is not well distributed, said Claude Kieffer, Director, Education Department, OSCE Mission to Bosnia – Many Bosnian citizens are not familiar with their educational system,she said.

A state which relies on donations twelve years after the war cannot have a proper education system. One particular problem is the increase in the number of teachers and the decrease in the number of students, said OSCE representatives during the launch of a campaign aimed at informing Bosnian citizens, titled “Better Planning-Better Budget-Better Schools”, to be implemented in the coming three months,the OSCE stated.

Sladjana Curak, OSCE Finance and Management Adviser, emphasized that the main objective was to show that there were sufficient resources in public schools, but that their planning and expenditures were inefficient.

“One third of Bosnian citizens surveyed in a recent public opinion poll are satisfied with the education system. One third of citizens are satisfied with school equipment, teachers’ skills and organization of the education process. Half of them are not satisfied with the funds allocated for education. Bosnian education authorities claim that they need more money for education reform to be successful, while the World Bank and International Monetary Fund say that there is enough money,” said Curak.

According to the OSCE-sponsored poll,Bosnian citizens are not familiar with their educational system.

“Many think that it is under the State’s authority, but in fact it is under entities’ and cantons’ authority. On the other hand, only some 5 % of investments in education are related to capital investments. Unfortunately, there is money, but it is poorly distributed,” said Claude Kieffer, Director, Education Department, OSCE Mission to Bosnia. He added that ‘two schools under one roof’ are an example of double expenditures, which will have long-term consequences for Bosnia.

The launch of the campaign “Better Planning-Better Budget-Better Schools” will continue in Banja Luka.

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