Friday, September 14, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 14,2007) - Caritas of Bosnia together with Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Caritas of France, and Caritas of Norway has been implementing for a long time projects which are aimed at stopping of human trafficking in Bosnia.

Since September 2006 until now series of activities have been implemented which are aimed at preventive acting. The biggest emphasis has been put on education of young people, development of smaller teams of volunteers in local communities, education of family counsels, lectures for Catholics, and cooperation with other institutions and organizations.

“ In the mid 1990s human trafficking turned out to be a very serious and complex problem in the Stability Pact countries, i.e. in Bosnia as well. According to the latest indications increase of human trafficking in Bosnia has been recorded.The problem is connected with numerous criminal acts like drugs, alcohol, black labour, and illegal migrations”, pointed out manager of Caritas Msgr, Bosiljko Rajić.

The Bosnian authorities,becoming aware of danger and complexity of the phenomenon,have become significantly engaged in prevention of human trafficking. Numerous legal, administrative, and operative measures have been taken, most of which are included in the first action plan from 2001. By the decision of the Bosnian government from 2003 function of the Bosnian State Coordinator has been established for coordination of activities for fighting human trafficking and illegal migrations.

“To promote dignify life of Bosnian citizens Bosnia's Caritas has joined for several years the initiatives of both non-governmental and governmental sector through active participation in fight against human trafficking”, Msgr Rajić pointed out.

The campaign has been realized through Caritas network, universities in Bosnia,Bosnian State Border Service, foreign diplomatic missions in Bosnia and abroad, while support from employment bureaus, elementary and secondary schools in Bosnia is expected as well.

Caritas plans to spread its activities in the period to come, to focus on economic support to the potential victims, work within parish communities, and education of young people.

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