Sunday, September 30, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 30,2007) - Thirty eight people, suspected of involvement in smuggling Albanians to western Europe, were arrested by Bosnian,Montenegrin and Croatian police.

Montenegrin Police Administration said that, as part of a coordinated international police action, code-named "Plitvice", eight persons had been arrested in Montenegro, while another suspect was on the run.

Croatia arrested 28 smugglers and Bosnia a further two.There are five suspects still at large, three from Croatia, one from Montenegro and one from Albania.

"This organized smuggling of people from Albania, via Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia to EU countries went on for a long period of time", the police statement said.

Montenegrin police have forwarded the case to the special prosecutor for organized crime.All those arrested are suspected of involvement in a criminal organization, illegal crossing of state borders and the organized smuggling of people.

Two of those detained are also suspected of illegal possession of arms and explosives, as well as forging money.

"During the action Montenegrin police found a quantity of munitions, explosive devices and forged banknotes. Croatian police, in addition, confiscated 6,000 pills of the ecstasy drug", Montenegrin police said.

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