Sunday, September 30, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 30,2007) – The FBIH Entity Government determined the Bill on Agriculture and sent it to the emergency parliamentary procedure.

The Bill determines agricultural sector; all the functional and institutional needs of the sector, as well as the goals and measures of agricultural policy that have not been determined in one document.

A large number of rules and decrees regulate the agricultural sector in the FBIH entity. There is no systematic legislation to determine all the needs of the sector. That is why this Bill is important.

Damir Ljubic, the FBIH Entity Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry stated that the Bill enables a better positioning of agricultural sector and an increase of production and competition. He announced that bigger sums will be provided for the sector.

Apart from the agricultural policy measures (market, structure, land issues, monetary support); this has been the first time that the issue of agricultural economy is defined.

Ljubic added that another important novelty is formation of two councils – council for research and expert advisory bodies. They will be a part of the FBIH Entity Ministry of agriculture. Aim of the law is to enable implementation of the monitoring system in agricultural sector.

That will be ensured by the formation of agricultural information center, agricultural accountancy, and implementation of a registry office necessary for implementation of the agricultural policy.

The FBIH Entity Government also adopted the Brucellosis Elimination Program in Sheep and Goats in the FBIH.

Ljubic said that the three-year program means that the disease will be systematically eliminated and that all the department institutions will take responsibility in that sense. Entity coordination is also necessary.

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