Monday, September 3, 2007


GRADACAC, Bosnia (September 3,2007) – Expressing dissatisfaction with the relationship of the FBIH entity authorities towards the domestic agricultural production, about 50 farmers from Gradacac protested in Gradacac.

Their attempt of coming to the opening of the Plum Fair with their tractors was disabled and they were withheld in the outer city zone.

Bosnian farmers are expressing dissatisfaction with the increasing influence of the import lobbies and non-stimulation of agricultural production. They said that the FBIH entity government did not timely and adequately react to the damage caused by this year’s drought.

They also emphasized that this year’s plum and other fruits have no place to be sold at.

The farmers seized protesting having talked to the FBIH Entity Minister of agriculture Damir ljubic and the Tuzla Canton minister of agriculture Amir Hasic. They promised to help solve their problems.

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