Sunday, September 2, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 2,2007) - The Bosnian State Court rendered a decision ordering one month custody to a Serbian living in Bosnia,Đorđislav Aškraba, who is suspected of crimes against humanity.

In its motion seeking custody orders, the Bosnian Prosecutor’s Office stated that there is grounded suspicion that in the period between April and September 1992,in the early stages of the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia,Askraba was a member of the genocidal Serbian aggressor's formations and performed the duties of warden at the Barutni magacin concentration camp in the Bosnian town of Kalinovik.

This concentration camp in Kalinovik was used by the Serbian aggressor to detain Bosnian civilians, who were subjected to starvation, physical mistreatment and mass killings.

The Prosecutor stated that on several occasions,Askraba took detainees out of the camp and handed them over to other Serbian aggressor's soldiers, following which they disappeared.

Following a public hearing the Court found that, on the basis of the evidence submitted, there is grounded suspicion that Askraba committed crimes against humanity.

The Bosnian State Court concluded that the basis for an order of custody was established based on a substantial risk that, if released, the suspect would interfere with the criminal proceedings by influencing witnesses and co-perpetrators.

The Bosnian State Court also issued a decision refusing as unfounded the Prosecutor’s motion for an order of custody for another Serbian living in Bosnia,Neđo Zeljaja, who is suspected of Crimes against humanity.

However, due to special circumstances of the case, the Bosnian State Court imposed restrictive measures on the Serbian war crimes suspect, requiring him to report daily to the Kalinovik Police Station.

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