Wednesday, October 22, 2008


PRISTINA, Kosovo (October 22,2008) - Kosovo is hosting annual Kur'an recitators' competition for the southeastern Europe for the second time in the city of Prizren.

From 18th October until 26th the competition will be open for all those who wish to participate on the final night of the competition in Prizren on November 1. Twelve best recitators will win the right to compete on the final night.

Ilir Gashi, responsible for technical part of the event, said that those who wish to compete can apply by sending their recordings by mail or if they are in Kosovo they can deliver them by CD in few spots in Prishtina, Prizren and Mitrovica.

"Last year we organized for the first time Kur'an Fest and participants from Kosova and Macedonia took part, meanwhile this year we have qaris from Bosnia and Albania too" said Hafz Faton Bytyqi, one of the organizers
Last year winner was given a free trip to Hajj and the second and third contestants were rewarded with money.

The official website for the event is from where more information can be taken regarding this great event.

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