Wednesday, October 22, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 22,2008) - The Bosnian Central Election Commission has adopted decision on conclusion of the local elections results. "In order for the results to be confirmed within 30 days it is necessary to enable all participants in the election process to appeal this decision and to demand re-counting of ballots in certain election units”, stated at the press-conference president of the Bosnian Central Election Commission Suad Arnautovic.

After the process is completed, the Commission shall confirm the election results which will be published in the Official Gazette of Bosnia and other official releases.

Arnautovic added that it is possible to file a request for re-counting of ballots within three days since the announcement of results. This period starts tomorrow.

Whwn it comes to municipally mayor positions, SNSD won 39, followed by SDA with 36, SDS 16, HDZBiH 16, SDP 9, SBiH 4, HDZ1990 3, and DNS 3. This does not include certain positions parties won in coalitions.

The largest number of municipal council seats went to SDA - 537, SNSD 494, SDP 322, SDS 316, HDZBiH 216, SBiH 180 and PDP 148.

Largest number of votes for municipal councils went to SDA 275.065, then SNSD 207.896, and SDP 193.765.

The Bosnian Central Election Commission ordered the control counting of votes in 96 polling stations due to irregular calculations with 171 complaints being sent to the municipal election commissions.

In nine cases the Bosnian Central Election Commission had suspicions of criminal offenses and reports have been sent to the Bosnian State Prosecution.


Amila Jasarevic said...

Hej ravnatelj, ovo doduse nema veze sa temom, ali pogledaj ovaj clanak:

Ravnatelj said...

Ma,nista novo,Ashdown je imao slican clanak prije par mjeseci.Holbooke je fasista koji odnedavno bezrezervno podrzava daljnje postojanje genocidne srpske fasisticke tvorevine u Bosni,cime je izgubio svaki kredibilitet,i to za sva vremena...i nema pravo glasa da kaze bilo sta o Bosni.