Thursday, September 25, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 25,2008) - A pronouncement of the Verdict before the Section I for War crimes of the Bosnian State Court in the case of Serbian war criminal Sreten Lazarević and Others, has been scheduled for yomorrow,26 September 2008 starting at 12:00p.m. in courtroom 6,the Bosnian State Court said today.

On 5 October 2007, the Bosnian State Court confirmed an indictment which charges Serbian war criminals Sreten Lazarević, Dragan Stanojević, Mile Marković, and Slobodan Ostojić with the criminal offence of War Crimes against Bosnian civilians.

The Bosnian State Prosecutor charged Serbian war criminals Sreten Lazarevic, Dragan Stanojevic, Mile Markovic and Slobodan Ostojic, as members of the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's formations, with having participated in the detention and torture of Bosnian civilians from the eastern Bosnian town of Zvornik,during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia.

The indictment states that Serbian war criminal Sreten Lazarevic was the commander of a concentration camp in Zvornik, in which Bosnian civilians were held by the, while Serbian war criminals Dragan Stanojevic, Mile Markovic and Slobodan Ostojic were detention camp guards.

According to the indictment on several occasions, Serbian war criminal Dragan Stanojević, in the capacity of the concentration camp guard, enabled groups of the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's soldiers to torture and abuse detained Bosnian civilians. The indictment states that in September 1992, Serbian war criminal Dragan Stanojević tortured one ninety year old detained Bosnian civilian.

The indictment further states that Serbian war criminal Mile Marković, in September 1992 in the building of DP Novi Izvor, together with another concentration camp guard, tortured one detained Bosnian civilian, beating him all over his body and forcing him to hold his arms in front of his face in order to prevent the blood from splashing around.

The also indictment states that, in the summer of 1992, Serbian war criminal Slobodan Ostojić in the building of DP Novi Izvor, together with an unidentified group of concentration camp guards, tortured two detained Bosnian civilians, for an alleged suspicion that they attempted to escape from the concentration camp.

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