Thursday, September 25, 2008


KAMENICA, Bosnia (September 25,2008)- Bosnian forensic experts said yesterday they had unearthed the remains of 362 genocide victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre from a mass grave in eastern Bosnia.

Murat Hurtic of the Bosnian Commission For Missing Persons said documents recovered at the site showed the genocide victims were Bosnian civilians from Srebrenica, the eastern enclave that was under United Nations protection when it was overrun by the gemocidal Serbian fascist aggressor during the 1992-95 Serbian aggression against Bosnia.

Hurtic said the genocide victims were mass murdered at three locations near Srebrenica and transferred to Kamenica from the original graves three months after the execution.

"The bodies are well preserved because they had lain in clay before being transferred here," he said, standing on the edge of the muddy grave.

Hurtic said the findings unearthed included 145 complete bodies and 217 incomplete skeletal remains of the genocide victims.

The genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor first buried the bodies of the mass murdered Bosnian civilians near the execution sites but then dug many of them out with bulldozers and re-buried them in so-called "secondary" mass graves, in an attempt to hide the crime.

Bosnian experts believe there are more mass graves in the Kamenica area. In 2006, another grave in the valley yielded more than 1,000 body parts of the genocide victims, making it the biggest such site in Bosnia.

About 5,200 genocide victims of Europe's worst atrocity since World War Two have been identified through DNA analysis so far.

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