Friday, September 19, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 19,2008) - Five people have been arrested and significant quantities of weapons and explosives seized in an coordinated operation carried out by Bosnian and Slovenian police forces against a weapons’ smuggling ring.

Police in the two countries are still searching for three suspects believed to be part of the group which was illegally selling weapons,ammunition and explosives to criminal organizations in western Europe.

Assistant director of the Slovenian criminal police Robert Crepinko said this operation was initiated in August 2007, when Slovenian police started monitoring one Slovenian and one Croatian citizen, with residence in France, who were trying to organize the illegal transport of weapons from Slovenia to France.

Out of the five arrested, four were arrested in Bosnia while one was apprehended in Slovenia. The four arrested in Bosnia were put in one-month detention, pending the beginning of criminal processes against them.

During the operation, enforcement agencies in both countries seized 10 automatic rifles, 18 rocket launchers, more than 60 kilos of explosives, as well as other weapons, ammunition and military materials.

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