Friday, September 19, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 19,2008) - Kuwait plans to intensify cooperation with Bosnia, especially in business, Kuwaiti the Ambassador of Kuwait to Bosnia Yasin Rawashde announced yesterday.

Things have started moving in the past few months, he said, after several years of inertia.

There are a number of projects, according to Rawashde, waiting to be implemented, and collaboration is therefore expected to intensify considerably. He reminded that the Kuwaiti fund for development had already accepted to invest in the Corridor 5c highway. Other infrastructural projects in Bosnia will be co-funded, as well.

Tourism is another area of collaboration, and Kuwaitis will invest initial 120 million Bosnian Marks in a tourist centre in the Bihac area. A contract for this project will be signed in October.

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