Tuesday, August 12, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (August 12,2008) - Population census in Bosnia could be possible to conduct in 2011 if the political decision on that is adopted soon and if the intensified preparation work for implementation of this big statistics project is continued, said a representative of the of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Bosnia, Zeljka Mudrovcic.

She said that from the aspect of the experts in this area, population census could be done in 2011, at the same time as in other countries in the southeastern Europe, under condition that “the preparation work is continued from tomorrow”.

"But, if we wait for the decisions to be adopted and then to start working, then I am a bit skeptic that we’ll be able to do it until 2011", Mudrovcic said.

Taking into consideration that the population consensus is more political than demographic issue in Bosnia, Mudrovcic points out to the recommendations of the EU statisticians on the compulsory characteristics to be listed.

Reminding that EU countries do not list ethnicity, Mudrovcic recommends to the experts in Bosnia not to list ethnical characteristics of the population or the ethnicity should be reduced to the framework of the human rights.

The recommendations of the EU statisticians state that the data on the ethnicity is relevant in order to understand the cultural differences of the population, position of the ethnical group in society and most of all because of monitoring of the discriminatory and anti-discriminatory politics in country.

"It is not spoken about ethnicity here in this sense at all, though the policies of the human rights are discriminatory in the country", Mudrovcic warns, stating that in Bosnia ethno affiliation is often mixed with national, and that, during this, no other cultural characteristics are mentioned.

She points out that Bosnia, due to its progress towards the European integrations and development, has to have reliable records on the structure of population.

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