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LOS ANGELES, USA (August 12,2008) - U.S. - based psychiatric watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) says the recent capture (7/21/2008) of former leader and creator of the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia "RS",Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic will bring to justice a psychiatrist whose genocide of thousands was reminiscent of Nazi psychiatric crime during World War II, and that few people are aware that the “ethnic cleansing” — ridding a geographical area of racially “inferior” people,carried out in Bosnia,during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia and later in Kosovo, was based on the same psychiatric-inspired "racial hygiene programs" that led to the Nazi Holocaust.

In 1992, CCHR formally submitted to the World Psychiatric Association, the World Federation for Mental Health and the Mental Health Division of the World Health Organization information concerning the psychiatric atrocities committed in the former Yugoslavia.

CCHR presented the same information about psychiatry’s role in initiating and conducting the “ethnic cleansing” atrocities in Bosnia to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

On September 1, 1999, members of the Council of Europe signed a Resolution, “Human suffering and degradation following ethnic cleansing,” that recognized the two psychiatrists as the architects of the "ethnic cleansing" campaign in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) indicted Serbian war criminal Karadzic in absentia in 1995 for genocide over the 43-month siege of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo that claimed 12,000 lives and orchestrating the 1995 mass murder of some 10,000 Bosnian civilians in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica. Dr. Edward Klain, a psychiatrist, features in a CCHR documentary, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, detailed how in Nazi Germany it was “technically very difficult” to exterminate six million Jews. Concentration camps and gas chambers need to be established. In Bosnia, hatred and crimes against inhumanity were incited through propaganda: “Serbs would massacre, for example, one hundred to two hundred people. Or rape one hundred women, or one hundred girls, so that they would be terrorized so that they flee. Then you get an ethnically pure land,” Klain said.

CCHR’s evidence showed that Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic had trained under former Social Democratic Party (SDP) founder, psychiatrist,Serbian war criminal Jovan Raskovic. Before his death in 1992, Raskovic told Belgrade television and Vjesnik newspaper that he and his party had “lit the fuse of Serbian nationalism” with Freudian principles about inferiority and superiority.

Serbian war criminal Jovan Raskovic was talking about his and Karadzic’s propagation that Croatians were “fixated on the castration complex,” a Freudian principle, while Bosnians were domineering. Serbians, they said, possessed “the qualities of authority” and were destined leaders, while Croatians and Bosnians were the lesser races that needed to be eliminated. The fascist Serbian psychiatrist pushed his Freudian-based theories on the races of Yugoslavia in his book Luda Zemja (A Mad Country) and as part of a media campaign in which he was hailed as the greatest psychiatrist and scientist of his era.

“I feel responsible because I made the preparations for this war, even if not the military preparations. If I hadn’t created this emotional strain in the Serbian people, nothing would have happened,” ,Serbian fascist psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic stated.

Other evidence presented to the Hague Tribunal and Council of Europe was that former Serbia's President,Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic, had been a patient of Serbian fascist psychiatrist Radovan Karadzic’s for 25 years. Together, he and Karadzic established "the ethnic cleansing program" and allowed the mass torture, rape and extermination of the innocent,during the Serbian aggressions against Bosnia,Croatia and Kosovo in the 1990's.

CCHR said justice can be served now that the architect of the "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia has been captured, unlike in Nazi Germany where dozens of psychiatrists responsible for sterilization and genocidal crimes escaped trial and returned to practice in Germany and other countries around the world.

Like Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic, Ernst Rudin was a psychiatrist who played a major role in setting the stage for the Holocaust. Rudin was president of the International Federation of Eugenic Organizations and world leader of the eugenics movement which sought to remove “inferior” individuals from society by segregation, sterilization, or death in order to create a “better” race. In 1933 Rudin was chosen by Hitler’s Reich Ministry to lead Germany’s racial purity program. Rudin would later publicly praise Hitler for making his “more than thirty-year-old dream a reality” by imposing “racial hygiene” upon the German people.

CCHR President, Jan Eastgate said, “Responsibility exists on all levels, and while the atrocities of 'ethnic cleansing' and genocide are usually what capture our attention, it is important to recognize the ideology that spawns them and to hold those responsible for this to account.”


Anonymous said...

CCHR is a body set up by the self-styled 'Church of Scientology' and should not be regarded as a reputable source

Ravnatelj said...

Really? Did anybody say anything in this article that wasn't accurate?

CCHR is a non-profit public organization that investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human rights.

What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

What I'll write should not be taken as an insult, rather as a constatation of simple facts. It is not my intent to point this to any person of good will, however, I can only think that this article comes from getting wrong fact and concluding on them, for if it is not the case, then the autor must be malevolent.

Only an illiterate or an imbecile can write such rubbish! The facts say different story. Serbs hold a grudge against Bosnian Muslims because most of them once were Serbs and they changed religion after Turkish invasion of Balkans. Such a story of "minor race" is utter nonsense. There is an element of fascism, sure, but based on a religious pride, not racial. How can Serbs and Serbs be of different races? And ask any Serbian, what are Bosnian Muslims originally? You'll see. If you don't get a straight answer: "Serbs", you may get "Turkish traitors!" or simply "Traitors". So, Serbs committed a crime, but they had a entirely different motive. For Karadžič himself, all national talk was merely a way to rob Muslims, and his own people as well. Mladić on the other hand, was moved by hatred.

Ravnatelj said...

Boy,obviously,you are simply a highly uneducated person,and I would say just plain stupid.LOOOOOOOOL

First of all,who lied to you that Bosnians were ever "Serbs"???LOOOOOOOOL May I ask you on what historical facts is that nonsense of yours based?

Bosnians and Serbians are clearly two different people with different history,state,language,culture,religion (before and after Bosnia within the Ottoman Empire) and origins.I'd reccommend to you to educate yourself about Bosnian history first,and then talk about it,OK?

You'll find out that Bosnian Catholics and Orthodox Christians, were actually Bosnians regardless of religion, but assimilated into Croatians and Serbians in the late 19th century influenced by national movements in Croatia and Serbia in the second half of the 19th century.And since then,they've been fighting against Bosnia,NOT BEFORE THAT.

The ethnogenesis of Bosnians can be traced back to the Migration Period of the Early Middle Ages. It was then that the Slavs, a people from northeastern Europe, invaded the Eastern Roman Empire with their Avar overlords and settled in modern-day Bosnia.

Here, they assimilated various tribes generically referred to as Illyrians, who were the earliest attestable inhabitants of the region.This fusion with the aboriginal population of the region has been attested by genetic studies, which showed that the earliest (genetic) roots of the Bosnian people can be traced back to the ancient populations that expanded into the Balkans following the Last Glacial Maximum 21 thousand years ago.

Recent DNA studies have indicated that the dominant Y-chromosome haplogroup found in most Bosnians is I - and specifically its sub-haplogroup I-P37 - are associated with these paleolithic settlers.

Her are a few books for you to read:

"Bosnia: A Short History"
by Noel Malcolm

"Bosnia And Hercegovina, A Tradition Betrayed"
by Robert J. Donia (Author), John V.A. Fine Jr.

"The Early Medieval Balkans: A Critical Survey from the Sixth to the Late Twelfth Century"
by John V.A. Fine Jr.

"The Bosnian Church: Its Place in State and Society from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century" by John V.A. Fine Jr.

And let me quote famous Harvard professor Andras J. Riedlmayer here:

"The people of Bosnia are traditionally called Bosnians. For reasons having to do with recent history (and as much with 20th-century ideologies as with traditional religious allegiances), Bosnians whose ancestors were of the Catholic faith are now identified as Bosnian Croats (17%), while those of Eastern Orthodox background are now identified as Bosnian Serbs (31%). The largest group of the Bosnian population, however, are the Muslim Slavs (44% in the 1991 census), descendants of Christian Bosnians who accepted Islam some 500 years ago. Until the late 19th century, people of all three faiths identified themselves simply as Bosnians."


And,Serbians committed aggression against Bosnia,genocide,mass murders,torture,concentration camps,mass rapes,expulsions.etc.)Hundreds of mass graves and hundreds of thousands of Bosnians and others (including myself) witnessed Serbian fascism in person and that is simply The Thruth.

Take it or leave it.

The "reasoning" behind Serbian fascism is ultimately irrelevant,I think they must be militarily defeated and sent back where they came from.Serbians are foreigners in the Balkans,they always were and they'll always be.

I'd say send them back where they came from (Asia),and all current problems in the western Balkans will be solved FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Come on Ravnatelj. You reason the same as me, only you are biased. You admit yourself that people living od the Bosnian teritory are SLAVS, mostly. That was exactly my point. I wrote about Serbs for it was Serbs that did most of the crimes. I could write about Croatian crimes, but it was not the point.

The point of my comment was that the crimes could be not racely motivated, and your post has simply missed the target.

Genetical research could only point to your personal racial predjudices, for you should consider that even the ancestors living on Balkans were similar for Serbs as well for Croats. And you quoted a scientific work that Bosnians accepted Muslim faith. So, where I was wrong???

Learn to read, please. I never defended Serbs for crimes they did. But I could start quoting crimes other people did. Just, it is not the point. The point is that I wrote about logic.

Ravnatelj said...

I never said that "people living on the Bosnian teritory are SLAVS",I said that recent DNA research shows that most Bosnians are of Illyrian origin,meaning they have nothing in common with so called "Serbians" and "Croatians",read again.

No,my comment was perfectly correct when I wrote about racial differences between Bosnians,Serbians and Croatians,because you assumed that they are all the same people,but actually they are not.So you are totally wrong there,not me.I was right on target.

In one of Serbian war criminal Biljana Plavsic's most infamous statements, published in 1993 by the Belgrade weekly magazine Svet, she said Bosnians were “genetically spoiled material” which justified their destruction.Do you know who she was???

Following her plea agreement with Hague prosecutors in 2002, Serbian war criminal Biljana Plavsic accepted partial responsibility for war crimes committed by the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor during the 1992-95 Serbian aggression against Bosnia, including one count of persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds.

So Serbian war criminals have been tried and convicted for the crimes of racism...In other words,Serbian RACISM has been proven in court,so we have nothing to discuss about it here.Your statements denying it won't "help",it's been proven in court and by other historical facts.

Now, you said : "for you should consider that even the ancestors living on Balkans were similar for Serbs as well for Croats",which is not true,Croatians and Serbians arrived in the southeastern Europe some 1300 years ago,while the ancestors of the most Bosnians have been living there for more than 20000 (twenty thousand) years.Bosnians,Croatians and Serbians have totally different origins,history and culture,and nobody can deny that,because it's simply impossible.

And,talking about anybody else's crimes won't help you either,simply because other people's crimes cannot justify nobody's crimes.I'm very proud to say that Bosnian nation never,neither organized nor committed genocide against Serbians or against any other nation on Earth.

You've said that Bosnians were considered by Serbians as "traitors" for accepting Islam as their faith ,so what??????Bosnians have and will always practice the faith they chose to practice,that's nobody's business but their own.Serbians and Croatians are mentally ill people,who were thought lies about Bosnians all their lives,so what can you expect from them,they are not even aware of the basic historical fact that the vast majority of Bosnians were members of the Bosnian Church,which was neither Catholic,nor Orthodox Cristian,prior to accepting Islam.

And,who in the hell are these foreigners Croatians and Serbians to tell Bosnians what faith they should practice???However,they can lie themselves as much as they want,but as I said before,they must be militarily defeated and sent back where they came from.Serbians and Croatians are foreigners in the Balkans,they always were and they'll always be.
I'd say send them back where they came from (Asia),and that'll be the end of it.Bosnians had ruled over them for hundreds of years before and will again - but the next time we will send them back to Asia and solve this problem in our neighbourhood FOREVER,they can count on that.