Tuesday, July 8, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (July 8,2008) – After two-and-a-half years the OSCE Mission to Bosnia has completed a programme of multi-levelled and intensive assistance to the Bosnian State Parliament and its members, aimed to enhance the institutional capacity of the Bosnian State Parliament. One of the latest initiatives of this programme is a user-friendly Intranet structure for the Bosnian Parliament, developed by the OSCE Mission to Bosnia.

“Intranet will enable faster and more quality work in the Parliament. It aims to modernize the general working environment in the Bosnian State Parliament”, stated Doina Ghimici, OSCE Legislative Strengthening Programme Manager.

“This programme will certainly help automate the work of the Registry and progressively switch from the obsolete, paper-based workflow to a modern, electronic document management system”.

An estimated volume of 40.000 to 45.000 paper sheets are used by the Parliamentary Assembly for completing the parliamentary procedure on a single piece of legislation. Without a doubt the new system installed will make the whole process more simple as well as more transparent and accessible to everyone in the Parliamentary Assembly.

The development of the Bosnian State Parliament’s Intranet, as part of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia’s Legislative Strengthening Programme, was funded by the US government.

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