Wednesday, June 4, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (June 4,2008) - A Bosnian official says the decision to deny Serbian fascist and Belgrade professor Kosta Čavoški entry to Bosnia is based on proof that he belongs to a support network for war crimes fugitives.Head of the Bosnian Immigration Office Dragan Mektić said that the Bosnian intelligence agencies had confirmed Professor Čavoški's links with such groups.

“He will, of course, be prevented from entering Bosnia as a result,” said Mektić.

Bosnian authorities have blacklisted Čavoški, an academic and lawyer from the genocidal Serbia is now forbidden to enter Bosnia. It comes in the wake of an operation last week when EUFOR members, searched the professor’s flat in Pale, where he is residing temporarily while working at the town’s university.

"This country has not up to now had a sound legal framework or the institutional capacity to place under surveillance persons representing a threat to Bosnian security,” Mektić said, pointing out that the opening of the Bosnian Immigration Center had now changed this.

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