Thursday, May 8, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (May 8,2008) – The Citizen Identification Protection System (CIPS) Project Implementation Directorate in cooperation with Italian organization for international cooperation “Formez” implements a project which will contribute to professional training of the Direction employees and improvement of its security system and data base effectiveness.

The project titled “Capacity Building of the Direction for the CIPS Project Implementation” yesterday was presented in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo by Ferdinand Kopp, head of the operative department for judiciary and interior affairs of the European Commission in Bosnia, Tommaso Andria, first advisor of the Italian Embassy in Bosnia, Sinisa Macan , Head of the CIPS Direction and Saveria Spezzano, director of Formez International from Italy.

European Commission finances this project with 250.000 Euros, it will be competed in 2009 and presents a close cooperation between administrative sectors of Bosnia and Italy.

Kopp pointed out that these projects were first implemented in candidate states which are now members of the EU. Recently, the project is implemented in countries preparing for candidature.

Tommaso Andria stated that this project is within ambitions of Bosnia to become a member of the EU and NATO.

"We believe that this solution will help Bosnia to achieve these goals”, he stated.

Sinisa Macan warned about the wrong perception the Bosnian citizens have of the CIPS project which is that this direction issues personal documents.

”CIPS does not issue personal documents but provides technical support for the issuing of those documents in Bosnia”, he stated and added that personal documents are issued by authorized institutions of BiH: cantonal and entity interior ministries and Civil Registar of the Brcko District.

CIPS system in Bosnia connects 362 locations and 18 different institutions in the country with more than 1.000 computers. The system also connects more than 45 locations of the Bosnian diplomatic and consular network around the world.

Formez director, Saveria Spezzano represented this institution as an agency which deals with traning and technical assistance to local, regional and state agencies.

”We are a part of Italy’s public management and we work directly in PM’s office and are responsible directly to him”, stated Spezzano.

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