Wednesday, April 30, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 30,2008) – The Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States Archbishop Dominique Mamberti presented in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo yesterday high medals of the Vatican to members of the Bosnian State Presidency Haris Silajdzic, Zeljko Komsic and Nebojsa Radmanovic, as well as to the Bosnian State Presidency members from the previous mandate Sulejman Tihic, Ivo Miro Jovic and Borislav Paravac.

They have been awarded by Pope Benedikt 16th for achievements in the process of ratification of the Base Agreement between the Vatican and Bosnia.

This meeting was not attended by the President of The Bosnian State Presidency Haris Silajdzic, who is on an official trip and Sulejman Tihic, because of the illness.

A member of the Bosnian Presidency Nebojsa Radmanovic stated that the present and former Presidency members talked at the meeting with Mamberti about relations between Bosnia and the Vatican and about the big steps Bosnia is making on the way to the EU.

Mamberti has also been presented to the way in which Bosnia will implement the Base Agreement with the Vatican, which is the first agreement of the kind in Bosnia.

Archbishop Mamberti recalled the world of late Pope John Paul the Second during his visit to the Bosnian State Presidency in 1997, that the South Slavic peoples live together in Bosnia.

”In Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, a Catholic cathedral, an Orthodox cathedral, a Muslim mosque and a Jewish synagogue rise up to the sky. These four structures are not only a place where the believers in one God practice their faith. They are also a clear warning for the citizens to build a peaceful society here – a society of peace. In that society, citizens will recognize God as the Lord and Father of all”, Memberti cited Pope John Paul the Second.

These words are important today and they express the same attitudes accepted by Mamberti. He hopes that a space will be made in a concrete hope for dignity and future of all peoples living in this area together.

Former member of BiH Presidency Ivo Miro Jovic thanked for the medals on behalf of the present and former Bosnian Presidency members. He said that they all see those medals as a recognition for guidance of Bosnia the way of future and modern civilization achievements.

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