Thursday, April 17, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 17,2008) - The European Union Force in Bosnia (EUFOR) conducted a change of command ceremony at the Butmir Camp to mark the handover of command within the Multi-National Battalion (MNBN). Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Mugica handed over command to Lieutenant Colonel Joaquin Peñuelas after 4 months in command. During this time the leaving commander has overseen a number of key events, especially many combined exercises with the Bosnian Army.

Acknowledging Lieutenant Colonel Mugica’s busy time in command, General Villalain, the EUFOR commander stated: “Lieutenant Colonel Mugica has been commander of the Multi National Battalion at a very busy time of combined training between EUFOR and the Bosnian Armed Forces, during this year of training in 2008. I wish to pay tribute to his professionalism and dedication.I welcome Lieutenant Colonel Peñuelas and wish him similar success.”

The MNBN consists of four manoeuvre companies from Hungary, Poland, Spain and Turkey who provide the bulk of the forces. In addition there is a long range reconnaissance troop that can provide surveillance throughout Bosnia. These are all commanded by a Headquarters element.

The MNBN has been in existence since February 2007 when EUFOR transitioned from three tasks forces down to one battalion and the Integrated Police Unit (IPU). These forces are based in the Camp Butmir and have a strong capability to ensure the current safe and secure environment, EUFOR said.

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