Thursday, April 17, 2008


SREBRENICA, Bosnia (April 17,2008) – “The Government of Holland ensures every year about 5 million Euros for reconstruction and development of the Srebrenica region. Most of the money is used for help to the returnee families and for reconstruction of their homes. Grants are also ensured for initiation of small businesses”, the Ambassador of Holland to Bosnia Karel Vosskuhler stated yesterday during his visit to Srebrenica.

He emphasized that his country will continue helping this region. Opening of new jobs will be the priority.

Ambassador Vosskuhler attended official opening of the Kvarc RTV transmitter. The transmitter has been brought back into function through the efforts of the “Friends of Srebrenica” Association, financed by the Dutch government.

The project will enable breaking of the media blockade of the area. Several media homes have already installed their equipment at the transmitter.

Ambassador Vosskuhler also visited the berry fruits fields, maintained by the “Srebrenica” Association of Farmers in the village of Brezani.

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