Thursday, March 6, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 6,2008) – The OSCE Mission to Bosnia presented in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo yesterday Guidebook for Human Resources Management in the Bosnian Municipalities, which offers practical advice on human resources management that has ben developed in accordance to the conditions in Bosnia's municipalities.

The Guidebook is the result of one-year long efforts of the representatives of municipalities and OSCE. Over 120 representatives from different BiH municipalities attended the presentation.

OSCE Project Manager in the Sector of Municipality Development Arlett Stojanovic told the press that the idea for such a guidebook was initiated two years ago, at the time when the OSCE noticed many laws, but lack of guidelines to their implementation.

That is why the OSCE representatives came to the idea of creating a guidebook. A workgroup was formed, consisted of people who fact the problems related to the issue on the daily basis, Stojanovic said.

Hasan Muratovic, Mayor of Zivince Municipality and a member of the Workgroup stated that a pragmatic material has been developed aimed to offer help to the municipal mayors in the public administration reform processes, which is one of the conditions for association to the EU.

Human factor is the key for implementation of the reform. Muratovic emphasized that it is the vcery reason why not only the experts were involved in development of the Guidebook, but also people directly involved in the issue. That is what makes this document different in comparison to other regulations passed in the procedure.

He emphasized that the most important segment of the Guidebook is internal organization and systematization of work places, which is the key element of the public administration reform. The goal is to increase the number of information and decrease the number of executors.

”Citizens expect the money from public administration financing to be used for the purpose of implementation of projects which are of general interest to the citizens”, Muratovic said.

He expects that the Guidebook will lead to changes or amendments of several non-quality or undefined laws.

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