Friday, March 28, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 28,2008) - The Bosnian State Court has confirmed the Indictment against Croatian war criminal Ante Kovać.He is charged with war crimes against Bosnian civilians committed during the Croatian aggression against Bosnia in the early 1990's.

As alleged in the Indictment, during the period from April to end-August 1993, in the territory of the Vitez Municipality, in his capacity as a member of the fascist Croatian aggressor's formations, Croatian war criminal Ante Kovac issued orders to the Croatian aggressor's military police officers and together with them took part in the unlawful arrest and detention of Bosnian civilians.

Around 250 Bosniancivilians were detained in a small space, in inhumane conditions on the premises of the Radnicki University and the Cinema Theater in Vitez.

The Croatian aggressor's military police officers would take the detained Bosnian civilians for interrogation and forced labor at the separation line between the Croatian aggressor and the Bosnian Army, exposing them to life-threatening condition, which is when a number of Bosnian civilians were killed.

The Indictment goes on to say that on 18 April 1993 Croatian war criminal ante Kovac took a Bosnian woman from the SDK premises and forced her into the so-called Crnogorka building in Vitez, where he raped her.

The Indictment further alleges that on 30 August 1993 Croatian war criminal Ante Kovac raped another Bosnian woman on the premises of the Dom Kulture (Culture Center) in Vitez.

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