Friday, March 28, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 28,2008) – The Bosnian Council of Ministers passed yesterday in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo decision on nomination of commission for election of the text of the new Bosnian anthem, proposed by the Bosnian Justice Ministry.

11 members have been nominated to the commission; including per three representatives from each of the Bosnian Parliament's Houses.

The Commission will announce a public competition for election of the text of the new Bosnian anthem; the reward is 30.000 Bosnian Marks. The Commission will submit the Report on Work by December 31 the latest.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers also adopted yesterday the Bosnian Ministry of Security Information on Juvenile Delinquency in Bosnia. The number of registered juvenile delinquents has increased in comparison to 2007 per 48 juveniles, that is, 1,7 per cent. With regard to this data, the institutions concerned have been ordered to take all the measures and activities necessary for implementation of the action plan aimed to realize the main and specific goals of Strategy against Juvenile delinquency in Bosnia.

However, the degree of social danger has increased; juvenile offenders have been registered committing the heaviest of crimes starting from difficult robberies to murder.

Social situation, lack of good family relations and social tolerance towards the juvenile delinquents have been named the main reasons of juvenile delinquency; passive relationship of the witnesses to crimes committed by juveniles has been marked especially concerning.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers also passed Decision changing and Amending the Decision on Measures of Efficient Implementation of the ICTY, proposed by the Bosnian Ministry of Security. This Decision aligns personal data with the Citizen Identification Protection System (CIPS) data, for the persons who are under restrictive measures of ban of entrance and transfer through Bosnia's territory.

At the proposal of the Bosnian Ministry of Finance and Vault, the Council of Ministers passed Decision on Approval of Allocation of 20.000 Bosnian Marks from the Budget to the Trebinje Municipality for the construction of a monument to a war time hero Srdjan Aleksic.

The Council also passed Decision on Formation of the Second Loan Rating for Bosnia, proposed by the Ministry of Finance and Vault. The Decision authorizes the Bosnian Central Bank to implement the procedures of election of a good-rated international company which will, within six months, develop the second loan rating for Bosnia.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers also passed Decision an Approving the Allocation of 600.000 Bosnian Marks from the Budget for Reconstruction of the Mostar Orthodox Church and the Plehan Church near Derventa, as well as for the Reconstruction of the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka. Each of the reconstruction projects willl be financed with 200.000 Bosnian Marks.

It has also been concluded that in the years of 2009 and 2010, 600.000 Bosnian Marks will be annually provided from the Budget for the reconstruction of those three sacral objects.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers also adopted the Ministry of Security Information on Implementation of Action Plan for Prevention and Punishing the Criminal Acts Related to Motor Vehicles, with proposal of initiating procedure of association to the European System of Information on Vehicles and Driver’s Licenses (EUCARIS).

The Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs has been ordered to, in coordination with the Ministry of Security, start the EUCARIS association procedure.

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