Wednesday, March 19, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 19,2008) – With a purpose of removing all uncertainties which the genocide survivors from Srebrenica are facing, the Bosnian President Silajdzic informed the Bosnian public that the Bosnian Presidency has received an official confirmation that there were no requests for arrests of any Bosnian citizens from Srebrenica which were, according to the media issued in the genocidal Serbia.

Even though this news is encouraging, President Silajdzic pointed out that there is no legal basis for extradition of anyone from Bosnia to any other country without thorough procedure by the Bosnian state institutions and only after the official request is sent by some other country.

Entities do not have competence to solve such requests and all such procedures have be done on the state level. Considering that the position of Bosnia that all criminal acts committed on the territory of Bosnia should be processed in Bosnia, there is no danger of extradition of the Bosnian citizens in these situations,President silajdzic said.

However, considering the case of Bosnian citizen Ilija Jurisic, who was arrested by the Serbian aggressor in Serbia regardless of the clear rules of the Hague Tribunal which forbids such arrests, President Silajdzic calles on all Bosnian citizens who took part in defending Bosnia from aggression to be careful and to avoid travels to the genocidal Serbia.

"In case of illegal arrests or kidnapping with a purpose of transferring Bosnian citizens to Serbia, all necessary measures will be taken in order to protect security of all Bosnian citizens and Bosnia’s sovereignty,"President Silajdzic said.

President Silajdzic also invites the international community to strengthen its measures with a purpose of protecting the Bosnian citizens and to take all necessary activities in order to remove any provocations on ethinc grounds.

"Regarding this, the Office of the International Community's High Representative in Bosnia (OHR). has a duty to firmly react on the announced erection of a cross on Zlatiste and forbid such actions. We remind that the OHR did not hesitate to forbid naming of the Sarajevo Airport by the first president of independent Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic even though this was not a sign of provocation but sincere honoring of the first president of Bosnia, contrary to motives regarding Zlatiste," stated the Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic in a press release.

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