Wednesday, March 19, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 19,2008) - Out of the total 31 commercial banks which operated in Bosnia at the end of 2007, 24 banks provided card operations services, and 18 of them had some of international payment cards. According to the data of the Bosnian Central Bank, the total number of issued cards as of December 31, 2007, was 1.528.498.

In 2007, more than 24 million transactions were performed in card operations, of which, more than 13,8 million transactions were performed through ATM machines, while 10,3 million transactions were performed through POS terminals. Total value of stated transactions was 3,5 billion Bosnian Marks. Out of the stated value, only 20,18% was used for the payment of goods, while even 79,82% were related to cash withdrawals through the ATM machines and POS terminals. The average value of one transaction was 145 Bosnian Marks. The annual turnover of transactions per one card was 2.296,40 Bosnian Marks, or 191,30 Bosnian Marks per month.

Cards issued by Bosnian banks were used for cash withdrawal amounting to 70 million Bosnian Marks and for payment of goods in the amount of 102 million Bosnian Marks on ATM machines and POS terminals abroad. At the same time, cards issued by foreign banks, were used for cash withdrawals in the amount of 388 million Bosnian Marks at ATM machines and POS terminals of Bosnian banks. Cards issued by foreign banks were used for payment of goods and services in Bosnia in the amount of 119 million Bosnian Marks.

There is a total of 655 ATM machines and 14.076 POS terminals installed in Bosnia so far.

Out of the total number of banks in Bosnia, 27 used e-banking, which is three times more compared to year before. The number of clients whom some form of e-banking transactions are performed for, is relatively small – only 10.692 legal entities and 5.308 physical entities, the Bosnian Central Bank said.

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