Saturday, January 12, 2008


TUZLA, Bosnia (January 12,2008) – The team of lawyers representing former Tuzla Municipal Council Chair Ilija Jurišić who has been arrested by the Serbian aggressor and has been in a prison in Belgrade since 11 May 2007, announced in Tuzla that they have prepared the defence and that they are only waiting for the entrance to the courtroom.

”Once the court in Serbia reaches the decision on imprisonment, which is expected in late January, the indictment may be confirmed. Entrance to the courtroom is supposed to happen, according to the Law, within 60 days after the confirmation of the indictment”, Ilija Jurisic’s lawyers said.

Jurisic’s health is stable for now. It has been emphasized that he is psychologically healthy and that the team of lawyers will do everything for his successful defence.

Ilija Jurišić is a Bosnian patriot who participated in defending the Bosnian city of Tuzla from the genocidal Serbian aggressor during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggresion against Bosnia.

In May 1992,the genocidal Serbian aggressor's troops came under attack by the Bosnian Army as they were withdrawing from the eastern Bosnian city of Tuzla and up to 200 Serbian aggressor's soldiers were reportedly killed and 140 of them were taken prisoners by the Bosnian Army.

Former Tuzla Municipal Council Chair Ilija Jurisic is currently in custody in Serbia on charges related to this event.


Anonymous said...

He's not a patriot. He's an animal who is personally responsible for killing over 200 kids. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

e jebo ga bog sad, he's personally responsible for killing over 200 kids - you're full of shit. you're ALL full of shit. whose bodies are being dug out of mass graves constantly, since the war ended?

Anonymous said...

Those same 'kids' who bombed Tuzla on 25/5/1995 on Youth Day, when they knew there'd be a youth parade in the city, and killed 71 people, most of them teenagers?

Anonymous said...

You fucking idiot, those kids were killed in 1992, and they cannot be same people who bombarded Tuzla in 1995. Ilija will go to hell , because he is killer.

Ravnatelj said...

Oh,yes - they are all the same - they belonged to the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor's forces (still called "JNA") May 1992 Serbian aggression against Bosnia was already in progress and JNA was already bombarding many Bosnian cities killing Bosnian children,elderly and other civilians on a daily basis...not to mention what "the JNA kids" did in Croatia much earlier (Vukovar...etc.)

Ilija Jurisic is a true Bosnian patriot and deserves all praises, glory and honor.GOD BLESS YOU ILIJA JURISIC!!!!