Saturday, November 17, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (November 17,2007) – All the events that occurred in relation to Bosnia's Prime Minister in resignation Nikola Spiric’s visit to New York is only his attempt of deceit of the Bosnian Presidency, the Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic’s Cabinet announced yesterday.

”Spiric told the Bosnian Presidency that he was travelling to New York as an answer to invitation of Milos Prica, Bosnia's Ambassador to the UN Security Council.

The Bosnian Presidency contacted the Ambassador and soon found out that Spiric’s statement was a lie.

"We will not even mention the fact that the Bosnian Ambassador at the UN is not a person authorized to make such an invitation," President Komsic's Cabinet said.

Spiric travelled to New York ignoring the demand made by the Bosnian Presidency that he should make all the statements there in accordance with the attitudes agreed upon. The fact that the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs resisted the implementation of such a conclusion passed by the Presidency is only a proof that this has not been the only attempt of ignoring the Presidency’s conclusions”, President Komsic’s Cabinet announced.

”It is clear that any attempt of implementation of order in the work of institutions in a country such is Bosnia causes various kinds of resistance. However, we would like to emphasize that the other two members of the Bosnian Presidency will support the conclusions that we have passed together”, President Komsic’s Cabinet announced.

”It has now become clear that Bosnia is lucky that the current Bosnian government is going to be replaced, for it is obvious that Spiric and some other ministers are acting in accordance with who knows what kinds of politics, oftentimes created outside of Bosnia. Functioning of the Bosnian state institutions is obviously not a priority for them,” the Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic’s Cabinet announced.

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