Saturday, November 17, 2007


WASHINGTON, USA (November 17,2007) - “Concrete steps taken by Bosnia's political leaders will determine whether Bosnia will go further into isolation or towards European integration,” the International Community's High Representative and EU Special Representative in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajčák, told the United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns in Washington yesterday.

Following his address to the UN Security Council,Lajcak met with senior US State Department officials to brief them on the current situation in Bosnia. In his talks with US officials, the High Representative expressed his appreciation for the strong support the US administration has given to the peace process in Bosnia, and welcomed the US government’s continuing commitment to the country.

“Membership in the European Union is Bosnia’s key strategic objective but US engagement remains crucial”, the High Representative said, noting that, with the failure to agree police reform, the initialling of Stabilisation and Association with the European Union has been delayed.

Nicholas Burns expressed the US government’s full support for the actions of the High Representative, and called on political leaders in Bosnia to abide by their obligations and implement the High Representative’s decisions without delay.

Addressing the situation in the wider Balkan region, Miroslav Lajckk and Nicholas Burns rejected any linkage between the future status of Kosovo and the territorial integrity of Bosnia. Such comparisons are irresponsible and the international community will stand firm in ensuring full respect for the Dayton Peace Agreement, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state of Bosnia, Lajčák and Burns agreed.

During his visit to the US capital, the International Community's High Representative and EU Special Representative also held talks with the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Daniel Fried, and his deputy, Rosemary di Carlo, and the Senior Director for European Affairs at the US National Security Council, Judy Ansley.

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