Thursday, November 15, 2007


MODRIČA, Bosnia (November 15,2007) – In the village of Garevac, Modriča municipality, 23 contracts have been signed on reconstruction of returnees’ houses in Kladari Donji, Čardak, Garevac, and Živkovo Polje near Modriča from the funds donated by Croatia.

The donation, which is in fact construction material, totals to 420, 000 Bosnian Marks. It will be delivered in spring next year.

The Croatian government has donated this year for reconstruction of returnees’ houses in BBosnia 610 packages of construction material worth about 12,5 million Bosnian Marks.

“We have significantly supported reconstruction of Posavina. Contracts have been signed on donations for reconstruction of about 100 houses in Orašje, 120 in Odžak, in Domaljevac about 100, and in Modriča 105 houses.
The Croatian government gave significant funds for two infrastructure projects, i.e. roads in the municipalities of Teslić and Travnik, in the amount of about 800, 000 Bosnian Marks.We have been already preparing donations for 2008, i.e. packages of construction material, with possibility for increase up to 650 packages”, said Mario Zeko, the staff associate at Croatia's Ministry of Sea, Tourism, and Development.

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