Sunday, October 14, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 14,2007) - Protected prosecution witness stated at the trial before the Bosnian State Court of Croatian war criminals Marko Radic,Dragan Sunjic,Damir Brekalo and Mirko Vracevic to have been detained for 80 days, together with her two-year son, in the southern Bosnian village of Vojno, Mostar municipality.

The Croatian aggressor turned the settlement into a concentration camp for Bosnian civilians in 1993,during the Croatian aggression against Bosnia.

"Members of HVO came to our apartment on 13 September 1993. They took me, my mother, my toddler son and husband. We were taken to Vojno concentration camp, together with one more family. Women stayed in a house, that had two rooms. Instead of glass, the windows were covered with wooden boards," the witness has said.

Bosnian State Prosecutor charges Croatian war criminals Marko Radic, known as Maka, Dragan Sunjic, known as Petarda, Damir Brekalo and Mirko Vracevic, as members of the Croatian aggressor's formations, with having participated in the torture, mental and physical maltreatment, daily beating, unlawful capture and detention of Bosnian civilians.

Describing the conditions in Vojno concentration camp, the witness has said that the detainees used to get three meals a day, but "the lunch consisted of pork, bread that was ten days old, and the supper was made of stinky fish that was not edible".

"The children did not get milk. On one occasion, before entering our room, Dragan Sunjic, Mirko Vracevic and deceased concentration camp commander Marko Mihalj poured some milk and gave it to a cat and a dog who were in front of the house, while our children were looking at them," the witness has said.

During direct examination, the witness has said that she saw Croatian war criminal Marko Radic twice during her detention. The first time she saw him was "when she was invited to the headquarters," and the second time when the exchange was conducted on 2 December 1993.

The witness has said that Croatian war criminal Vracevic was a guard and she claims to have never seen Croatian war criminal Damir Brekalo. She has recalled that the detainees had to address Sunjic as "Mister Deputy Commander".

Protected witness has also said that women performed forced labour. She has recalled that she once had to clean "the garage in which Bosnian men were detained".

"When I entered I saw blood on the floor and walls, everything was covered with blood. I shall remember this all my life. It smelled so bad that I had to throw up immediately," the witness has said, adding that she did not see any detainees, because, as far as she knows, they all "performed forced labour" at the time.

The trial of Croatian war criminals Marko Radic,Dragan Sunjic,Damir Brekalo and Mirko Vracevic before the Bosnian State Court is due to continue on 29 October.

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