Wednesday, October 3, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 3,2007) – The FBiH Entity Government has achieved continued and successful cooperation with USAID, which represents a good basis and guarantee for the strengthening of our partnership, the FBiH Entity Prime Minister Nedzad Brankovic and the Head of the USAID’s Euro-Asian Bureau Douglas Menarchik concluded in Sarajevo. Director of USAID in Bosnia Jane Nandy also took part in the meeting.

Brankovic and Menarchik discussed the current political and economic situation in Bosnia in light of the ongoing and future projects of USAID.

Brankovic described as positive the fact that the projects of this agency have an integrating effect on Bosnia. This is also the case with the ongoing Enabling Labour Market Mobility (ELMO) project, which is in line with the commitment of the FBiH Entity Government to creating a single economic space in Bosnia.

According to Menarchik, Brankovic’s views and assessment of the current situation and the prospects for the development of Bosnia will help draft the USAID’s five-year economic program, which aims at support small and medium businesses, the development of democracy and governance, the FBiH Entity Government stated.

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