Wednesday, October 3, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 3,2007) – The Ambassador of Poland to Bosnia Andrzej Tyszkiewicz and the Head of the Bosnian Mine Disposal Centre Dusan Gavran officially marked the beginning of a mine disposal action in Rajlovac.

The total of 18.000 meters will be cleaned. Polish Government invested 50.000 Euros for the project.

Ambassador Tyszkiewicz stated that his country is aware of the danger mines pose, for many people were killed after the WW2 from the unexploded mines.

”That is why we are glad that we can help solve the situation in this small part of the country”, Ambassador said and added that Poland has also been helping solve the issues of redundant military personnel.

The Head of the Bosnian Mine Disposal Centre stated that this donation is of a special value, for only a year ago, no mine disposal fund existed in Bosnia. Money was paid through a Slovenian fund.

He emphasized that Ambassador Tyszkiewicz did not want to give any money in such a way. He wanted Bosnia to get the donation directly.

”We had to open an account at the Bosnian Central Bank. This is the first donation Bosnia has received for the purpose of mine disposal”, Gavran said.

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